Sachs Cables

December 1, 2020

Sachs Cables

Sachs is both an engine name and a bike name. Sachs mopeds are made by Hercules. Cables for Sachs mopeds are above in Hercules.

Sachs engines are in many different mopeds. The choke, throttle and start cables lower ends go to the engine, but the upper ends go to the controls of the bike. Most Taiwan bikes have General or Lazer type controls, while Dutch (Sparta), Austrian (KTM), German (Hercules, Kynast), and American (Columbia) bikes have Magura type controls. So there are many “Sachs cables” possible. Some interchange and some don’t.

Sachs-Magura Throttle Cables: These are for 1970’s mopeds with Sachs 504 or 505 engines and Magura “wrap-around” type throttle. Many bikes do not have their original throttle cable elbows, since the carburetor or top parts can easily be swapped from other models. So to avoid guessing, the elbow length, short or long, must be identified visually, to get the correct throttle cable. 


 carb   conduit xxexposed    
elbow   length  xx length xxcable  xxxx part
  xx    inch mm   inch mm x style  xxx number  price

short  33.5 852   4.53 115  Sparta xx 000-0000 N/A most 1977-78 (Kynast) Flying Dutchman (early engine cover)
short  36.8 935   4.49 114  Sparta xx 746-0291  $20 most 1976-78 (Columbia) Columbia (sheet-frame Sachs 505)
short  36.8 935   4.49 114  Sparta xx 000-0000 N/A most 1976-78 (Sparta) Sparta Std., Deluxe, Foxi GT, GT Sport
short  37.0 940   4.49  113  Sparta xx 000-0000N/A most 1977-78 (Sparta) Flying Dutchman Deluxe, Lucky
short  39.6 1007  4.61 117  Sp. repl.  000-0000 N/A Sparta replacement for “Sachs-Magura with short elbow”
short  40.4 1027  4.80 122  Barnett x MP-0000  N/A Barnett replacement for “Sachs-Magura with short elbow”

either 38.9 988    113-125  Taiwan x MS-4282  $25 Gadabout replacement with inline adjuster, for short or long elbow
either 38.8 986    122-135  Taiwan x MS-4282  $25 (same)  apparently these are not all the same length

long   35.6 903   4.92 125  Puch xx   000-00000 N/A most 1977-80 (KTM) Foxi Deluxe, Salzburg, Baron
long   35.6 903   4.92 125  Herc xx   000-00000 N/A most 1976-80 (Hercules) Sachs models
long   33.5 851   4.92 125  Sparta x  000-00000 N/A most 1979-80 (Kynast) Flying Dutchman (late engine cover)
long   36.8 935   4.96 126  Sparta x  746-0291L N/A most 1978-80 (Columbia) Columbia (sheet and tube frame)
long   36.8 935   4.96 126  Sparta x  000-00000 N/A most 1978-80 (Sparta) Foxi GT, GT Sport, Flying Dutchman
long   37.0 940   4.9  126   Sparta x  000-00000 N/A most 1979-81 (Sparta) Sparta Buddy, Deluxe
long   36.7 932   5.08 129  Barnett  MP-0000 xx  N/A Barnett replacement for “Sachs-Magura with long elbow”
long   36.4 925   5.23 133  Barnett  MP-0000 xx  N/A (same)  apparently these are not all the same length

Sachs Carb Elbows
L long, R short

Long and Short Elbow (bendy): There is a 12mm (about 1/2″) difference between short and long elbow. For a short elbow the exposed length must be 114 to 121 mm. For a long elbow the exposed length must be 125 to 132 mm. The cable adjuster has an adjustment range of 7mm. So the 12mm of slack from a “long” cable used in a “short” elbow cannot be adjusted out.

To get around this, in the 1980’s one aftermarket Sachs throttle cable (Gadabout MS-4282) had an inline adjuster, with a wide adjustment range (13mm). This cable worked on either short or long elbows.