August 18, 2012

Contents:  1. Parts listed elsewhere
Contents:  2. Parts listed here
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Contents:  3. History
Contents:  4. Factory Tour
Contents:  5. Models
Contents:  6. Speed Versions


1. Parts listed elsewhere

These are parts that are, or could be, used on many other brands. Instead of listing them repeatedly for each brand, they are listed by type or by component maker.  

Gas Caps
102 and 103 gas caps are 30mm push-in type. See Gas Caps  Section 8
TSM top tank gas cap is 40mm external wing. See Gas Caps Section 7

Gas Valves
102 takes a 10×1 male spigot down, with 20mm extender See Gas Valves number A8
If the extender is not missing, then a no-extender A2 valve can fit with the old extender.
103 takes a 10×1 male spigot down, no extender,  See Gas Valves number A2
TSM takes a 10×1 male spigot left, no extender, See Gas Valves number A4

Stickers and Emblems  listed, but only some are for sale. See Stickers, scroll to Peugeot

Covers All are listed, only some are for sale. See Covers and Reflectors. scroll to Peugeot

Reflectors Not yet listed. See Covers and Reflectors.

Speedometer parts Not yet listed.

Engine Parts All are listed, most are for sale. See Peugeot Motor
Peugeot 103 motor is used on some Batavus models. So it is separate from Peugeot.
Peugeot 102 motor has much in common with 103, so it is with Peugeot Motor.

Pistons and Rings All the same, but pistons have different “sort” sizes.


Bearings and Seals All models are the same. See Bearings and Seals
Crank bearing left 20x47x14 #6204, right 17x40x12 #6203
Crank seal left 20x30x5, right 16x30x5

Engine Hardware clutch and magneto nuts, shims, clips, etc. See Engine Hardware

Carburetor/Gurtner All listed. See Gurtner, scroll to Peugeot

Exhaust parts All listed. See Exhaust, scroll down to Peugeot

Tires and tubes All are listed and for sale in Tires and Tubes
102 front and rear is 2.00-17, can be 2.25-17
103 front and rear is 2.25-17
TSM front and rear is 2.50-17

Wheel parts – Leleu Some things are listed. See Wheel Parts

Brakes All the same, except 102 rear is smaller. See Brakes
103, TSM, 102 front, Leleu 80 x 18
102 rear brakes are Leleu 70 x 16

Spokes All have 28-spoke 17″ rims, 1-cross spoke pattern. See Spokes
102, 103, TSM front spokes 165 x 2.4 (0.55 thread)
103, TSM x rear spokes are 167 x 2.7 (0.55 thread)
102 xxxxxx rear spokes are 171 x 2.7 (0.55 thread)

Belts three sizes of V-belts are listed, 102 no-var, 103 no-var, 103 var. See Belts

Chains Pedal chain is bicycle 1/2 x 1/8  See Chains
Motor chain is wider 1/2 x 3/16 #415 or #415H  (415 “became” 415H in the 1990’s)
Rubber rings on the front sprocket initially interfere with 415H chains. See Chains

Sprockets Not yet listed. Sprocket teeth are in Speed Versions above.

Pedal parts Pedals, pedal arms, pins, freewheels are in Pedal Parts
Peugeot uses non-standard 14mm M14-1.25 French pedal threads
Peugeot uses standard (not French) freewheel threads, 18 tooth

Controls/Magura All have the same controls. See Magura Controls
Peugeot brake cable holes are bottomless M6x1 threaded for M6x1 adjuster-stop
All other Magura holes have a bottom and smooth for Magura-type adjuster-stops

Cables Peugeot cables are all single-ended. See Cables

Cable parts See Cable Parts

Switches See Switches
103 L2,LS,LVS pre-late-79 had CEV 8040.5 and 8187 round chrome clamp-on switches
103 SP, SPB pre-late-1979 had Merit 343 and 342 round-flat chrome clamp-on switches
All models after late-1979 had CEV 8188 and 8189 black plastic clamp-on slide switches

Head lights See Headlights



Tail Lights See Tail Lights





2. Parts (specific to Peugeot)

These are parts that are specific to Peugeot, mostly.



Coming soon: Peugeot (non-motor) frame parts, fork parts, fender parts, trim parts, center stands, etc.






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