ULO Tail Lights

April 18, 2021

3. ULO Tail Lights

ULO made tail lights, reflectors, and turn signals for German mopeds, Hercules (Sachs), Kreidler, Solo, Kynast, and tail lights for many non-German mopeds, Batavus, Sparta, Puch, Peugeot, Motobecane and Honda PA50. ULO was founded by Moritz Ullman in 1947 in Geislingen Germany. Ullman knew how to make molded glass products, like bicycle reflectors. Today ULO is worldwide, making tail lights for cars like BMW and Audi.

ULO plastic parts have a date mark. The lens has the compliance standards and those have a start date.

ULO 250 xxxxxxx ULO 248
1972-78 xxxxxxxxx 1978-84

1975 ULO 250-1
72-75 lens 250-0015
one bulb 6V 18/5W

1977 ULO 250-2 
76-84 lens 248-0015
upper bulb 6V 10W
lower bulb 6V 5W











1978 ULO 248-1 
lens 248-0015
one bulb 6V 18/5W

1978 ULO 248-2 
lens 248-0015
upper bulb 6V 10W
lower bulb 6V 5W

ULO 248-3 with ignition
ground resistor on brake
upper bulb 6V 10W brake
lower bulb 6V 5W tail

Left ULO 248-1, right 248-3











ULO 250-1 (nicer than the one for sale)

ULO 250-2 good used for sale below








ULO 250 and ULO 248 parts

60a ULO 250-1 $63 used 250-1 1-bulb tail light
ULO 250-2 $73 used 250-2 2-bulb tail light
60b ULO 248-1
 N/A used 248-1 1-bulb tail light
60b ULO 248-2  N/A used 248-2 2-bulb tail light
ULO 248-3 $75 used 248-3 2-bulb tail light
ULO 248-3 $00 with ignition ground resistor

61a 250-6017 $65 ULO250 housing used
61a 250-hous $30 SIM250 housing replica modified
61a 250-hous $00 lens screws must be 5mm shorter

 248-6017 $20 ULO248 housing used broken

62x 250-pum 50¢ Puch upper bolt M5x32
62a 250-upm 50¢ 250 upper bolt M6x32
62b 248-upm 50¢ 248 upper bolt M6x25

63a 250-lnscr $1.00 250 lens screw ST x 55
250-short $2.00 shortened screw ST x 50
63b 248-lnscr $1.00 248 lens screw M4 x 45

64x 248-0015 $35 red lens used 1976-1984
250-0015 $45 red lens used 1972-1975

65x 250-gask  $$7 ULO 250 lens gasket
65x 250-gask  $$0 not for ULO 248 or SIM 250

66x 250-tail  $2.00 6V 5W lower bulb
67x 250-stop $2.00 6V 10W upper bulb
67a 248-bulb $2.00 6V 21/5W dual bulb

SIM 250 housing, R original, L modified
(posts lowered 2mm, wires hole widened
and upper mount hole drilled)

68x 250-lomb $0.50 “Puch” lower bolt M5x16
68a 248-lomb $0.50 non-Puch lower bolt M6x16
248-lwas  20¢ non-Puch lower mnt washer M6

69x 250-csh1 $$9 cushion foam (only on some)
69a 250-csh2 $$9 cushion thick (only on some)
69b 250-csh3 $$9 cushion thin (only on some)

70x 250-locw  20¢ “Puch” mount lock washer M5
70a 248-locw  20¢ non-Puch mnt lock washer M6

71x 250-mnut 25¢ “Puch” mount hex nut M5
71a 248-mnut 25¢ non-Puch mount hex nut M6

72x 248-grom $$1 grommet for 2-bulb mirror

73x 248-0016 $25 used bulb holder-mirror 2-bulb
73a 250-0016 $13 new bulb holder-mirror 1-bulb

69a thick on top, 69b thin, flat, 69 foam, flat


The little rubber grommets #72 for the two-bulb holder-mirror, are important. When one is missing, the bulb holder is loose. Engine vibration causes the loose holder to “buzz” or vibrate and rub against the lens and housing. The buzzing causes the bulbs to burn out, and produces white powder. The white plastic dust or powder is evidence of “buzzing”.  Slices of small rubber hose can be good substitutes.





3a. Replica ULO Tail Lights

SIM 250

SIM 250 tail light, bulbs 12V 10W and 12V 5W
has no upper mount hole, loose bulb sockets

SIM 250w modified to accept original wires

SIM 250m2 modified with ULO 2-bulb holder









SIM 250 on a Batavus fender 16″
with cushion 69b, sold separately

60s $25 SIM 250 tail light, sold as is
60s $42 SIM 250w for original wires
60s $48 SIM 250m1 with ULO 1-bulb holder

60s $55 SIM 250m2 with ULO 2-bulb holder

The SIM 250w, 250m1 and 250m2 allow the original wires to be reused. The wire connectors are protected inside the light, unlike a plain SIM 250 where they are under the fender. There the tire can rub on the wires when going over bumps or with heavy a load, eventually causing damage. 

61s $15 SIM 250 housing
The SIM 250 housing has no upper mount hole, so a 6mm (15/64″) hole must be drilled.  

63s $$1 SIM 250 lens screw 44mm

SIM 250 2-bulb holder

64s $12 SIM 250 red lens
The SIM 250 lens is 2mm taller on top, and the screw hole tubes are spaced 2mm farther apart. So the lens does not fit an original ULO 250 housing.

66s $$2 SIM 250 lower bulb 12V 5W

67s 0$2 SIM 250 upper bulb 12V 10W

73s $12 SIM 250 bulb holder-mirror
The SIM 250 bulb holder-mirror is different, a metal plate with plastic bulb sockets that are loose. The bulb sockets have 3mm male blade connectors, instead of 8mm male blades like the originals. So the original wires with 8mm female blade connectors will not fit. 


Right, ULO 250 2-bulb holder
Left has the top lowered by 2mm, and lens screw holes slotted

SIM 250m1 and 250m2 modified replica tail lights replace ULO 250-1 and 250-2 originals. They are made from a SIM 250 with the bulb holder-mirror changed to an original type.

The benefits are 1) solid bulb sockets for less bulb burn out, 2) uses the same original wires, 3) can also be one-bulb type for US-model mopeds with external ignition ground brake light wiring.

Modifications to the housing: The upper mount hole is drilled. The lens screw posts are reduced in height. The wires hole is widened enough to pass the female 8mm blade connectors through.

Modifications to the bulb holder: The top is cut down by 2 mm and the screw holes are moved 2 mm farther apart by grinding off the outer edge.

Modifications to the lens: None.

Modifications to the lens screws: The ST self-tapping screws are shortened to 50 mm.




Other Tail Lights

April 18, 2021


4. Peterson Tail Lights

Peterson tail lights, made in Grandview, Missouri USA, were on ’76-80 Jawa and ’76-77 Derbi mopeds.

Peterson PM420

Peterson PM-420 1960’s – 70’s trailer tail light
used on 1976-77 Jawa Babetta (USA models)

–   3296-061  N/A  Tail Lamp PM420
1   3296-061  N/A  Lamp housing
2    3296-061 N/A Lens used PM420-15
3  34544-001 50¢ Lens screw ST (2)
4      34213 $1.00 Nut 3/8-24 fine
5      34213    50¢ Lock washer 3/8″
6      60507  $2.00 Bulb 6V 21/5W #1154



Peterson PM-421 meets 1970’s US safety standards for motorcycle tail lamps (shines to the sides). Also has built-in side reflectors, eliminating the need for separate ones. Used on 1978-80 Jawa, 1976-77 Derbi, and not many others. 

–  70106  N/A Tail lamp used PM-421
1  70100  $33 Housing-mirror used PM-421
2  70101  N/A Lens cover new PM-421-15
3  70102  N/A Lens screw ST (3)
4  70103  N/A Mount screw ST (3)
5  60507  $2.00 Bulb 6V 21/5W #1154

Peterson PM-421 tail light

6  422-10  $19 plastic mount PM-422-10
7  422-24  $$6 mount rubber PM-422-24

Jawa metal mount

PM-422 plastic mount







5. Stanley Tail Lights

Dozens of different Stanley tail lights, made in Japan, are on most Honda motorcycles and mopeds. Here we focus on those used on mopeds and small motorcycles.  

Stanley 040-4765 tail light


Stanley 040-4765, used on 1977-85 General (top-tank), Lazer (top-tank) and compatibles, made in Taiwan.

$55 lamp assembly
N/A chrome housing-mirror
2  N/A (2) M6 threaded holes spaced 90mm
N/A mount bracket (not shown)
$2.00 bulb 6V 21/5W
5 $10 lens gasket (new)
6 $1.00 lens screw M4x55 phillips
5$$2 can be longer M4x72
$35 red lens (new)
$25 red lens new with cracked clear bottom


Stanley HM-23RC tail light


Stanley HM-23RC, used on 1977-83 Honda Express NC50 and Express II NA50, made in Japan.

1 N/A lamp assembly
2  $45 black housing-mirror-mount with license mount
2  N/A (3) M6 bolt-thru rubber mounts
4  $2.00 bulb 6V 21/5W
5 $$9 lens gasket (used)
6 $$3 lens screws ST (2) 60mm
7    $8 red lens (used, side reflectors broken off)




Stanley HM-42RC tail light, with NS50 mount

Stanley HM-42RC, used on 1984-85 Honda Spree NQ50, 1990 Honda NS50, and other late 1980’s Hondas.

$45 lamp assembly, without mount
2  $35 black housing-mirror
$45 (2) M5 threaded holes spaced 100mm
$10 black mount for NS50 (shown)
2  $18 black mount for NQ50 with license mount
$1.20 bulb 12V 21/5W
5 $12 lens gasket (used)
6 $$3 lens screws ST (2) 40mm
$15 red lens (used)



6. Cat Eye Tail Lights

Cat Eye reflectors, lights, and turn signal kits, for bicycles and mopeds, were made in Japan.

Cat Eye TL-800 tail light with mount

Cat Eye TL-800, used on 1977-85 Taiwan mopeds, Indian, Angel, General (step-thru) and compatibles.

$70.0 lamp assembly, with mount
$42.0 chrome housing-mirror 35mm holes
$35.0 black metal mount for General step-thru (shown)
$2.00 bulb 6V 21/5W #1154
$12.0 lens gasket (used)
6 $1.00 lens screw M4 x 50 phillips
$32.0 red lens 35mm hole spacing




7. Saturnus Tail Lights

Saturnus tail, turn and head lights were made in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Saturnus tail lights were only on 2012-13 Tomos mopeds (US models), but they have been on European models for decades. 

 Saturnus 2-bulb tail lamp parts, from 2012 Tomos USA Parts Manual.

#  part#  price  qty    description
30  223572  N/A   1  Rear lamp 2012-on
31  044698 $1.50 1  bulb 12V/5W  BA15S
32  044689 $1.50 1  bulb 12V/10W BA15S
33  044439  $$1   2  Lens screw ST 3.9×16
34  236963  N/A   1  Rear lamp holder (mount) 2012-on
35  026690 $1.50 2  Screw M6x16 button-head allen
36  031509  20¢   2  Washer 6
37  222187  $$8   2  Distance tube 6x10x7.5 (not 6x9x5.5 like pre-2012)
38  219946  $$5   2  Vibration rubber for taillight xxx (same as pre-2012)
39  031925  20¢   2  Washer 6 xxxxxxxxxx   (lower is same as pre-2012)

Saturnus tail light

40  044284 $1.00 2  hex bolt M6x22 xxxxxx  (not M6x20 like pre-2012)
41  217674  50¢   2  Washer 6.4×16 xxxxxxx (not 8.4×16 like pre-2012)
42  030040  50¢   2  Nut M6 self-locking (not shoulder nut like pre-2012)

The fender mount was made to interchange with CEV 9417. The upper 6mm stud on CEV 9417 was very short. That made the special shoulder nut necessary, on 1978-2012 Tomos with CEV 9417. This Saturnus mount uses separate bolts, which are longer. That eliminates the need for a more costly shoulder nut. So Saturnus mount uses a 2mm shorter nut, 2mm longer bolt, 2mm longer spacer. This makes the bolts/nuts 2mm closer to the rear tire.  


8. Fiem Tail Lights

Fiem tail and turn lights are made in India. On US models, Fiem rear lamps are on early 2000’s Hero Pacer, Panther, Ankur (Hero Majestic), Cosmo Stinger (Mont) and Avanti Autopower, Mont, Supersport, Kobra (Mont) mopeds.

Fiem tail light on Hero Pacer

Fiem tail light on Avanti Autopower










These two lights are the same. The Avanti one is missing the lower red reflector and left side reflector. The Hero one is missing the right side reflector. The top bulb is bigger for the brake light, 12V 10W with base BA15S (bayonet 12 mm single contact). The bottom bulb is smaller for the tail light, 12V 4W with base BA9S (bayonet 9 mm single contact). The tail light also illuminates the license plate through a clear bottom in the red lens.


The Avanti wire colors are yellow = tail, green = brake, black = ground. See wirings for more.


C. Filters, Fittings, Hoses, Seal Rings

April 16, 2021


Inline Fuel Filters

3/16" inline filter round clear

3/16″ inline filter, round screen type, 12-1585 $5


1/4" inline filter round clear paper

1/4″ inline filter, round screen type, 15-1520 $6


1/4″ inline filter, 90 deg paper type, 15-1796 $3


Screw-on Adaptors

C4: 10×1 male to 12×1 male adapter  N/A

10x1 to 12x1 gas valve adapter

C4 adapter
a) separate (yellow box)
b) assembled with valve
c) installed in 10×1 tank

McMaster-Carr 50915K317 brass compression tube fitting

McMaster-Carr 50915K317 fitting, end cap discarded,
1/8 npt-17 to 1/2-24
can be rethreaded
to 10×1 and 12×1

Sometimes a gas tank has a 10 x 1 threaded gas valve hole that is close to a “wall”, preventing the gas valve from screwing on or off, unless the tank is removed. Sometimes removal of the tank is very difficult, like on a Cimatti City Bike. In those cases an adaptor fitting can be used to convert to a turn-buckle type gas valve, where only the nut turns. 

A 5/16″ OD hydraulic tube fitting has a 1/2-24 thread, that can be cut down (rethreaded) to 12 x 1.  The end cap is not used. Then it becomes a moped gas valve adapter. A tight-fitting 10mm washer made of plastic, paper, or other semi-hard material provides the seal, not the threads. The 12×1 die is not in most metric die sets.



Screw-on Extenders

What is an extender and when is it needed? An extender is a piece that moves a M10-1.0 screw-on valve away from the tank.

1. For when the petcock handle hits the tank in the up (reserve) position. Most original valves had reserve pointing up, ↑reserve  off→ on↓. Original valves with an up position often had to be moved away from the bottom of the tank with an extender, to allow the handle to go straight up and not hit the tank. Some tanks had a welded-on extender, a short pipe with a 10×1 threaded hole. Some original valves had screw-on extenders. 

For this reason, most modern replacement petcocks do not have an up position. They have ←reserve  on↓ off→. That eliminates the need for an extender, a cost saving improvement.

2. For when the petcock passes through a hole in a body panel. The correct extender length lowers the petcock to the level needed to pass through a hole in a cover panel. So the petcock is hidden except for the handle, for a clean look.

3. For when something prevents installation. Sometimes part of the gas tank or frame prevents the screw-in petcock from screwing in. An example is Peugeot 102.

..part#  price  extension
C10.11   $13  11.0 mm = 10.0 mm extender + 1 mm seal washer

C10.12   $14  12.0 mm = 10.0 mm extender + 2 mm seal ring

C10.145 $13  14.5 mm = 13.5 mm extender + 1 mm seal washer

C10.155 $14  15.5 mm = 13.5 mm extender + 2 mm seal ring

C10.195 $14  19.5 mm = 13.5 mm extender + 6 mm cup seal
C10.195 $00  1980 Peugeot 102 SP (required)

C10.22   $26  22.0 mm = 10+10 extenders + 1+1 seal washers

C10.23   $27  23.0 mm = 10+10 extenders + 1+2 seal washers

C10.25   $13  25.0 mm = 24.0 extender + 1 mm seal washer

C10.26   $14  26.0 mm = 24.0 extender + 2 mm seal ring

C10.30   $14  30.0 mm = 24.0 extender + 6 mm cup seal








Seal Rings

C13 seal ring    10-14 x 6  w/metal cup 10.4-16-4.5  $2
continued soft, for light tightening, seals over a wide range

C14 seal 0-ring 10-15-2.5 w/metal cup 10.4-15-3.5  $2
continued soft, for light tightening, seals over a wide range

C15 seal ring   10.0 id, 13.7 od, 1.8-2.3 tall nylon $2.00
continued hard, can hold up to tightening pressure

C16 seal ring     7.5 id, 10.5 od, 1.7-2.1 tall nylon $2.00
continued hard, can hold up to tightening pressure

C17 seal ring     7.9 id, 10.4 od, 1.4-1.8 tall fiber  $2.00
continued hard, can hold up to tightening pressure

C18 seal ring     8.0 id, 11.7 od, 0.0-1.0 tall fiber  $2.00
continued hard, can hold up to tightening pressure

Many more of these are listed in Parts/Engine/Seals and O-Rings


Turnbuckle type nuts (forward and reverse thread)

These special nuts have “forward” right-hand thread on one side and “reverse” left-hand thread on the other side. The left thread side screws onto the valve, and the right thread side screws into the tank. This allows a screw-on valve to be tightened without the valve turning, and allows the valve to face any direction 360 degrees after tightening.

C20: 22 x 1 internal right to 22 x 1 internal left  turnbuckle nut   $7 chrome

C21: 16 x 1 internal right to 16 x 1 internal left  turnbuckle nut   $2

This turnbuckle type (LH and RH) nut is used on all 16mm female (internal-thread) moped gas valves.

C21a: 14 x 1 internal right to 14 x 1 internal left  turnbuckle nut   ??

C22: 12 x 1 internal right to 12 x 1 internal left  turnbuckle nut   $1

This turnbuckle type (LH and RH) nut is used on all 12mm female (internal-thread) moped gas valves. 


C23: 22 x 1 internal right to 16 x 1 internal left  turnbuckle nut   N/A

This new nut was made improperly. The 16 x 1 left thread ID is to big (so it would strip off the soft alloy threads of the petcock when fully tightened) and the center-line is not straight (so the sealing surface of the petcock is at an angle to the sealing surface of the tank).

C24: 16 x 1 internal right to 12 x 1 internal left  turnbuckle nut   N/A

There are two things to watch out for with these dual diameter dual thread nuts.

1. There are two ring-shape sealing surfaces on the petcock that must be close to the same height when the nut is fully tightened. The outer 

2. The ring-shape sealing surface on the gas tank must be wide enough to press against both of the petcock sealing surfaces.


Hoses and Parts

C29 clear nylon hose 3/16″ id 5/16″ od $1/foot fits moped spigots 5mm, no clamps

C30 soft aluminum tubing 1/8″ od $0.50/inch for making reserve tubes, longer or curved upward
continued easily bent, often must be ground slightly for press fit into hole

C31 “Y” connector for 3/16″  hose $3 for joining two fuel lines into one upward
continued for making a clear hose external fuel gauge, or for dual gas tanks


B. Clamp-on, Bolt-on, In-line Gas Valves

April 16, 2021


B1. 13 push-in (clamp-on) spigot right

B1 13 push-in
spigot right  $25
made in Italy by OMG

Links to photos of examples:

1976 Vespa Bravo with plastic tank, original
2001 Tomos TX50 original
2003 Tomos MC50 original

This valve is for Vespa Bravos with plastic gas tanks (some 70’s European models and some 1976-77 US models), and for Tomos off-road models. Tomos #237248. It is all metal, well made, and not prone to breaking like the black plastic ones are.





B2. 15 push-in (clamp-on) spigot down

B2 15 push-in
sp down 4180 $30

Links to photos of examples:

1983 Derbi Variant SLE original

This valve replaces side-mounted Derbi Variant valves. It’s a vertical valve, but on a Derbi it is in a horozontal position. Since there is no curved-up reserve tub, there is no reserve. An aluminum curved-up reserve tube is optional for $12 more.






B5. 12 push-in (clamp-on) spigot back

B5 12 push-in
spigot back  N/A

Links to photos of examples:

1997-2000? DiBlasi R7E  folding mini-cycle #2024 spigot back, clamp #166

This B5 petcock #2024 was on  left side of 1997-00? DiBlasi R7E
Before that, A5  #141  was on  left side of 1989-97  DiBlasi R7TB
Before that, A5  #141  was on  left side of 1982-89  DiBlasi R7WT
Before that, A5  #141  was on  left side of 1979-82  DiBlasi R7ST
Before that, A3  #102 was on right side of 1974-79  DiBlasi R2





B6. 12 push-in (clamp-on) spigot right

B6 12 push-in
spigot right  N/A

Links to photos of examples:

2001?-on DiBlasi R7E-V2  folding mini-cycle, #2091 spigot right, clamp #166

This B6 petcock #2091 was on left side of 2001?-on DiBlasi R7E-V2
Before that, B5 #2024 was on  left side of 1997-00? DiBlasi R7E
Before that, A5  #141  was on  left side of 1989-97  DiBlasi R7TB

Before that, A5  #141  was on  left side of 1982-89  DiBlasi R7WT
Before that, A5  #141  was on  left side of 1979-82  DiBlasi R7ST
Before that, A3  #102 was on right side of 1974-79  DiBlasi R2





B13. Bolt-on valve for Angel

B13 Angel sheet-frame  N/A
6 mm holes spaced 36 mm c-c

Links to photos of examples:

1973-74 Honda PM50 Novio/Canguro sheet-frame moped
1973-74 Honda PM50 Novio/Canguro sheet-frame moped
PM50 gas valve 16950-122-000 offered at cmsnl.com
1977 Angel AP48 (Honda PM50 remake)
1978 Angel AP48 (Honda PM50 remake)

This side-mount bolt-on valve is scarce and not available for sale. Only these two leaking used ones exist at Myrons Mopeds. This petcock uses a D2 inner seal disk. See below.

Son of Honda PM50: The 1977-79 Angel AP48, made in Taiwan by TYM, is a remake of a 1973-74 Honda PM50, made in Belgium. The PM50 was not sold in the US. Some are called Novio and some are Canguro. The name Novio was also on PF50, a completely different bike and engine. 


B15. Inline (Remote) valve for Trac

Remote gas valve with on-off-res Trac Clipper

B15 632747 $28
↑reserve ←off on↓
made in Korea

Links to photos of examples:

1983-85 Trac Hawk (Laura M56 engine w/pedals) original
1983-85 Trac Clipper (Laura M56 engine w/pedals) original
1984-89 Trac Image (Daelim DK50 engine no pedals) original
1984-88 Trac Escot (Daelim DK50 engine no pedals) original
1986-86 Trac Hawk (Daelim DP50 engine w/pedals) original
1987-89 Trac Sprint (Daelim DP50 engine w/pedals) original
1986-89 Trac Clipper (Daelim DP50 engine w/pedals) original

More than half of these Korean made NOS gas valves have cracks or are broken. These are ones that have been inspected and tested.

This petcock uses a D2c inner seal disk, a D2 with the holes widened. See below.

B16. Inline (Remote) valve for Suzuki Shuttle

B16 Remote
valve  N/A

Links to photos of examples:

1982 Suzuki FA50 Shuttle original

This is for information, not for sale. None are available.







D. Gas Valve Inner Seal Disks

April 16, 2021


OMG 12x1 left front view

OMG front

OMG 12x1 L back

OMG rear

Inner Seal Discs

These rubber disks are hard and deteriorated after 30 years. The rest of the petcock is metal and lasts forever, or has round seal rings that are relatively easy to find.

Cross Referencing Hopes: The sizes, applications, and possible sourcing of these vital rubber disks is being studied. It is hoped that some of the common moped gas valves might use the same rubber seal as some kinds of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, or others. When that information becomes available, it will be posted here. Then anyone could order a seal disk for a small brand name bike from a big brand name parts supplier. 

Flipping: Old rubber inner seal disks get hard, shrink, and become deformed. Some can be flipped over to expose a fresh unused side.

Karkoma 16x1 spigot back with decomposed urethane disk

Karkoma 16×1 spigot back with decomposed disk

Vintage Karcoma: Left, an actual original 1970’s Karkoma (Germany) gas valve from a 1979 Kynast moped, with only 50 miles of use. 30+ years of sitting with old, rotten gasoline premix has completely clogged the passageways with hard tar, and decomposed the seal disk to where it broke when the valve was disassembled. Part of the seal disk shaped like a smile broke off and stuck to the movable plate with handle. Usually when these get sticky the handle ends up getting snapped off, in addition to the seal disk crumbling and the holes clogged.  This is the kind that uses a 3.3mm tall lip on the outer edge of the 2.0mm tall by 13.7mm diameter seal disk D4. Later 1980’s Karkoma valves did not have the lip. For those the D4 early seal disk lip must be carefully ground off. Even the last few new old stock 1970’s Karkoma seal disks, once clear orange, now cloudy gold, are brittle and crack and crumble easily in your fingers. Too bad. That is why disk D4 is N/A not available.





Seal disks D1 to D6

Seal disk D8

OMG seal disk 13.9 x 1.6 3 rings stick up from holes they fit inside valve holes

D9 OMG seal disk 13.9 x 1.6
3 rings stick up from holes
they fit inside valve holes
to keep disk from rotating










 #  price  OD x thickness  style   Fuel Petcock Inner Seal Disks
N/A    19.3 x 3.0  8 holes Honda 16115-001-004 60’s Cub
D2x $$8   16.3 x 3.0  4 holes Honda 16957-ZE1-812 replaces 16955-011-010, 16955-028-004
D2x $00   16.3 x  3.0 4 holes fits 60’s-70’s Honda’s and Trac Eagle (Korea), Angel (Taiwan)
D2a N/A    15.8 x 2.8  4 holes very shrunk D2 from ’65 Honda CA200
D2b N/A    16.2 x 2.8  4 holes shrunk D2
D2c $22   16.3 x 3.0  4 holes D2 with the 4 holes widened
D3x $$7   22.0 x 2.3  2+2 holes Piaggio 013836 vintage Vespa scooters
D4x N/A    13.7 x 2.0  3.3 outer lip, 70’s Karkoma (Germany)
D5x N/A    14.0 x 2.0  3 ∅3.5 holes 70’s Paioli for valve A33
D5a N/A    14.9 x 3.2  3 holes shrunk unknown
D6a N/A    13.4 x 2.3  3 holes shrunk aftermarket
D7x N/A    13.7 x 2.0  3 holes no outer lip, 80’s Karkoma (Germany)
D8x $12   18.8 x 3.1  3 holes blue Derbi (Spain) valve=18.5
D8a $$5   18.6 x 3.0  3 holes shrunk D8
D9x $13   13.9 x 1.6  3 holes 3 lips OMG (Italy) for most replacements
D10 $$9   20.4 x 3.3  4 holes Honda 16955-268-020 another view
 $$$   20.5 x 3.2  4 holes Indian (Taiwan) for valve A35
D11 N/A    22.3 x 3.5  4 holes General (Taiwan) for valve A28
D16 N/A    28.5 x 2.4  5 holes KL-18-6643 Kawasaki 11009-1194
D17 N/A    22.6 x 2.4  5 holes KL-18-6644 Kawasaki 11009-1188
D18 N/A    23.0 x 2.4  2 holes + slot KL-18-6645 Kawasaki 43049-1066
D19 N/A    18.8 x 2.4  4 holes KL-18-6646 Kawasaki 43049-1017
D21 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Honda 17993
D22 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Honda 16955-HA2-005  close up view
D24 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Kawasaki 92065-094
D25 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Kawasaki 92065-055
D26 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Suzuki 44341-18450
D27 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Suzuki 51455-010
D28 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Yamaha 47X-24523-00
D29 N/A    00.0 x 0.0  Yamaha 137-24523-00

KL Supply seal disks scaled

Seal disks D16 to D19:
These four KL Supply petcock inner seal disks have dozens of motorcycle and ATV applications, and hopefully some mopeds.

Valve A33 with disk D5

D5 seal disk











E. Gas Valves Info

April 16, 2021


Vacuum Petcock

Fuel Valve (on tank): On or near the bottom of nearly every moped gas tank is a “petcock” or “gas valve” that has a lever or knob for manually shutting the fuel supply off, for when the bike is stored or transported. The reason for the shut off valve is gravity. Moped and most motorcycle gas tanks are higher than the engine and use gravity to move the gasoline out of the tank, instead of a fuel pump. The higher the liquid fuel level is above the carburetor, the higher the fuel pressure will be. If the the tank is too low, or the carb too high, no gas will come out, or it will even flow backwards. Everyone knows that liquids only flow downhill.

Vacuum Petcock (on tank): On most modern scooters and motorcycles the fuel valve is an automatic type, operated by the vacuum from the engine. When the engine stops, or whenever the suction in the vacuum line stops, the petcock shuts the gas off.

How Reserve WorksFloat Valve (inside carb): In addition to the fuel valve, there is an second device, called the float needle or float valve, in the carburetor that shuts off the gas supply automatically. On a new bike with a new carburetor and clean gasoline, the float valve works all the time, so there is no need to turn the gas valve off after each use. On most old mopeds, the float valve leaks sometimes, and needs the operator to manually turn the gas valve off after each use to prevent gasoline from leaking out.

On-Off-Reserve: Besides turning the gas on and off, most gas valves also have a third position called “reserve”. Reserve is for when the tank is very low on gas. A little tube 1 or 2 inches long sticks up from the gas valve, inside the tank. When the gas is on “ON”, it exits from the upper end of the tube. When the level of gasoline drops below the tube, no more gas comes out, and the engine dies. This is called “hitting reserve”. The operator then switches the gas valve to “RESERVE”, which make the gas exit from the lower end of the reserve tube, at the very bottom of the gas tank. There is about 5 or 15 miles of gasoline available on reserve, enough to find a gas station. If a gas tank  has rust crumbs, powder, or water droplets at the very bottom, it is better to not use the reserve because it lets dirt get through and will clog easily.

Bolt-on petcock

Bolt-on petcock, 2-bolt

Bolt on petcock, 1-bolt

Bolt on petcock, 1-bolt

Fuel Valve Types

Bolt-on: Most modern motorcycles use the bolt-on design, where the tank has two small threaded 6mm bolt holes spaced about 30-35mm apart, with a 10mm main hole in the middle. A race track shaped rubber ring provides the seal. Angel (made in Taiwan by Tym) is the only pedal moped with a bolt on fuel valve. For some reason, bolt on fuel valves are rare on mopeds, but common on motorcycles.

Screw-on: Almost all mopeds use the screw-on design, where the tank has either a hole with internal threads, (female tank) or a fitting with external threads (male tank). Screw-on fuel valves do not seal at the threads like pipes, but rather have a sealing surface perpendicular to the threads, for a soft paper or plastic washer. They are tightened enough to compress the seal washer.

Female” screw-on fuel valves for external thread tanks have the ability to point in any direction, because the valve main body does not screw on, instead only the nut turns. The special nut is a “turnbuckle style” in that it has right hand threads on one end and left hand threads on the other. This allows the valve to fit in tight places. It also means the nut has a top and bottom and won’t go on upside down, unlike a regular nut.

Male” screw-on fuel valves for internal thread tanks also have the ability to point in any direction. When the seal washer is soft rubber and thick, and retained by a metal cup, it seals even when the valve is slightly loose and somewhat free to rotate.

Clamp-on: A third type of gas valve is clamp-on, found on Derbi mopeds with a plastic gas tank. It seals against the tank exit pipe semi-flexible soft plastic walls by o-rings squeezing radially inward by a hose clamp.

Spigot PositionsSpigot Direction:  L = left    R = right    D = down    B = back  (as you face the valve). Some models have room for more than one spigot direction. Many mopeds can have any spigot direction, because there is nothing near the petcock that interferes with the fuel hose. Then there may be choices. Other kinds are only available in one spigot direction. Sometimes an original valve that was “spigot down” must be replaced with one that is “spigot left”, and a longer piece of fuel line installed. Sometimes, if the valve is angled, and the spigot direction of the replacement valve is uphill, the new valve can affect fuel flow when the gas tank is really low. If it cannot be rotated and angled more spigot level or downwards, then the lower part of the tank will become unavailable when the liquid level reaches the highest part of the fuel line. That is, it will run out of gas prematurely.

Naming of Gas Valves: Many screw-on gas valves sold online are named by their true size (11,13, or 15mm), rather than their nominal size (12, 14, 16mm). This is a big source of confusion. For a bolt (external or male thread) the nominal (named) size is the true size, so an M6 (metric 6mm) bolt has a diameter of 6mm. But for a nut (internal or female thread), the nominal size is greater than the true size. An M6x1 nut has an internal diameter of 5mm. A 1/4 -20″ nut has an internal diameter of 0.20 inch, not 0.25. The difference between the external and internal diameter is approximately equal to the thread pitch. So a 12×1.00 nut measures 11.00mm inner diameter, while a 12×1.50 nut measures 10.5mm.

Gas valve low cost substitutes:  USA plumbers will recognize that the moped gas valve M10x1 thread is close to 1/8″ (named after the small inner diameter) National Pipe Thread Taper NPT . Because of the taper, a brass 1/8″ NPT (27tpi = 0.94mm) screws on and fits the 10×1 thread OK, because it’s about 9.5mm at first, tapering to 10.2mm. With teflon pipe thread tape, any 10×1 thread gas tank can be adapted with American standard pipe pieces, including shut-off valves. All of those things are sold in home improvement stores nationwide. The good side is those pipe pieces are inexpensive and easy to get. The bad side is they must be cleaned up and re-taped every time they are screwed on and off, and they don’t have any reserve feature. 

Gas valve outer seals: Screw on gas valves, unlike plumbing pipes, seal by a soft or semi soft ring, that is squeezed between the gas tank and the gas valve, as the valve or nut is screwed on tight. Plumbing pipes seal by the threads only, and don’t need a flange and soft ring. The sealing surface on both the tank and the valve must be flat and straight. If a gas tank has a damaged sealing surface, then the outer seal might leak, even when the seal and valve are fine. The remedy for a warped, misaligned or scratched sealing surface, on either the tank or the valve, is careful grinding with a flat spinning disk (with all gasoline evacuated).





Keihin Carburetor Parts family 8, 14

April 8, 2021

== carb ID#   S C O O T E R S   a n d   M O T O R C Y C L E S
  8. PA 29C-D  1984-87 Honda NQ50, NB50 xxxxx   30 mph TS

14. PB 15A-A  1982-83 Honda C70 Passport
xxxxx  xxxxx  OHC








8. Keihin PA 29C-B on #GK8 84-85 Honda NQ50 Spree (US)
8. Keihin PA 29C-D on #GK8 1985   Honda NQ50 Spree (US)
8. Keihin PA 29D-A on #GK8 84-85 Honda NQ50 Spree
8. Keihin PA 29D-B on #GK8 1985   Honda NQ50 Spree

8. Keihin PA 29H-A on
#GE8,GN2 1983-85 Honda NB50 Aero 50


1983 Honda NB50M Aero

1985 Honda NQ50 Spree

#0 16100-GK8-673 Keihin PA 29C-D









#0 16100-GN2-601 Keihin PA 04H-A

#0 16100-GN2-633 Keihin PA 046-A








#0 16100-GE8-013










Flange Mount: The flange mount holes on ’84-87 Spree carburetors are spaced 35mm, center-to-center. That is different from ’74-78 PC50 32mm, ’82-83 NC50-AA 36mm, ’77-83 NC50 38mm, ’79-on Z50 32mm, and ’76-78 Z50 38mm.

These were zippy 50cc two-stroke automatic scooters that maxed out at 30mph to meet many US state’s moped laws. They have electric start so there is 12 volt battery power to operate an automatic electric choke. They also have a gas gauge and an automatic vacuum petcock on the gas tank. You don’t have know very much to operate one. They had a CVT variator that continuously changes the belt drive pulley size ratio, for very quick acceleration. 

Idle Mixture Screw: The idle mixture screw is an “air screw” that blocks off an air channel.

Main Jet: The main jet is a screw-in, recessed-type, M6-0.75 thread, size 68 (0.68mm).

Pilot Jet: The idle jet is not replaceable. It is inside the upper end of the brass tube, pressed into the main body, on the engine side of the main jet.

Float Seat: This carb does not have a replaceable float needle valve seat. The seat is part of the main body, and must be cleaned and polished with a spinning Q-tip.

PA 29C-D gaskets N/A

Float: non-stirrup type white plastic 16013-147-004 see 6-4.0b, non-stirrup needle valve 16155-883-005 see 6-2.0b

Top Cap: M18 x 1 thread

The float bowl gasket in the illustration looks like the NC50-type, but it’s not. The actual gasket has an additional loop, for a vent and overflow. A “tall” float bowl gasket for a 1982-83 NC50 would work fine. Only if the float overflowed then some of the overflow would leak onto the carb instead of through the overflow hose and onto the ground.

From measuring an actual PA 29C-D carburetor, the sizes can be displayed in the PA 29C-D gaskets photo. The PA 29C-D gasket set is not available but the PA15A-A gasket set can be a substitute. See above.

Keihin PA (a)29C-B  (b)29C-D   (c)29D-A   (d)29D-B
o# abcd price 00000-000-000   Honda part#x  description xxx specs
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-671
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-672 carburetor PA29C-B ’84-85 NQ50, NQ50-A (US)
o0 0100  N/A  16100-GK8-673 carburetor PA29C-D      ’85 NQ50, NQ50-A (US)
o0 0010  N/A  16100-GK8-731
o0 0010  N/A  16100-GK8-732 carburetor PA29D-A ’84-85 NQ50-AA (US 25 mph)
o0 000N/A  16010-GK8-733 carburetor PA29D-B      ’85 NQ50-AA (US 25 mph)
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-871 carburetor PA000-0      ’86 NQ50-A
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-881 carburetor PA000-0      ’86 NQ50-AA
o1 1111  $18 16010-GE8-305 gasket solo-set   1b 1c 1g 1v 1w
o1 1111  $18 16010-GK8-003 gasket solo-set   1b 1c 1g 1v 1w
o1 1111  $19 16010-GE8-315 gasket multi-set 1b 1c 1g 1v 1w 1x
1b 1111  $$8 00000-000-000 top rubber washer 13 x 16.5 x 1
1c 1111  $$2 00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od) 
1g 1111  $$2 00000-000-000 drain plug o-ring 1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1v 1111  $15 00000-000-000 float bowl gasket  2.5 x 1.5 with loop

1w1111  N/A  00000-000-000 choke o-ring 1 x 16 (18 od)
1x 0000  N/A  00000-000-000 choke o-ring 1 x 12 (14 od)
20 1100  N/A  99101-187-0680 jet 68   30mph versions
20 0011  N/A   99101-187-0650 jet 65   25mph version AA






o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-672
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-673 carburetor PA040-0 ’83-84 NB50M (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-003 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (DK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-013 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (DK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-601 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (UK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-611 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (DE)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-621 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (FR)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-671 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (CA)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-601 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (UK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-602 carburetor PA04H-A      ’85 NB50M (UK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-621 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (FR)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-622 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (FR)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-633 carburetor PA046-A      ’85 NB50M (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-671 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (CA and US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-672 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-871 carburetor PA040-0      ’86 NB50
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-872 carburetor PA04P-A      ’86 NB50 (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-762 carburetor PA04W-A      ’87 NB50 (US)








14. Keihin PB 15A-A on #GB4  1982-83 Honda C70 Passport (US)

Keihin PB15A-A









Flange Mount: 36? mm hole spacing

Keihin PB (a)15A-A
o# a price  Honda part#x  description xxx specs
o0 1  N/A 16100-174-673 carburetor PB 15A-A 1980   C70  Passport (US)
o0 1  N/A 16100-174-772 carburetor PB 15A-A 1981   C70  Passport (US)
o0 1  N/A 16100-GB5-671 carburetor PB 15A-A ’82-83 C70 Passport (US)
o1 1  N/A 16010-GB4-013 gasket solo-set
o1 1  N/A 16010-141-305 gasket multi-set




Keihin Carburetor parts family 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

April 4, 2021

== carb ID# =========  M I N I   C Y C L E S  =========
  9. PA   Z502  1968-71 Honda Z50A Mini Trail xx 00 mph OHC
10. PA 655-A  1972-75 Honda Z50A Mini Trail xx oo mph OHC
10. PA 674-A  1970-75 Honda QA50 xxx oooo xx 00 mph OHV
11. PA 03A-A  1976-78 Honda Z50A Mini Trail xx oo mph OHC
11. PA 03C-A  1979-81 Honda Z50R
11. PA 03D-A  1982-85 Honda Z50R
11. PA 03F-B  1986-87 Honda Z50R
12. PA 03H-A  1988-91 Honda Z50R
12. PA 03H-B  1988-91 Honda Z50R
12. PA 03M-A  1992-99 Honda Z50R
12. PA 03N-A  1992-99 Honda Z50R
13. PA 42A-C  2000-03 Honda XR50R
13. PA 42A-C  2004-09 Honda CRF50F






9. Keihin Z50A on #045 1968-69 Honda Z50A Mini Trail up to Z50A-255950
9. Keihin Z502 on #045 1969-71 Honda Z50A Mini Trail after Z50A-255950 

Keihin Z50A, Z502

Keihin Z50A, Z502 on 1968-71 Z50A

1968-71 Z50A carb kit








Flange Mount: 32mm hole spacing, 2 x 18 (22 od) o-ring

Main Jet: This carb has a screw-in main jet size 50.

Pilot Jet: It also has a screw-in idle (pilot) jet size 38.

Float Seat: It also has a screw-in float needle seat, replaceable.

Float: no-stirrup metal-tip needle valve, metal swinging float

The Z50A and Z502 carbs are the same except for the needle jet #12 and rubber cable pipe #10.



10. Keihin 655-A on #130 1972-75 Honda Z50A Mini Trail
12. Keihin 674-A on #114 1970-72 Honda QA50
12. Keihin ceto and #129 1973-75 Honda QA50

Keihin 655-A on 1972-75 Z50A

1974-75 Z50A carb kit, missing the drain plug o-ring and jet pad disk.
1970-73 Z50A carb kit also had a float seat and a float seat washer.











Keihin 655-A, 674-A


Flange Mount: 32mm hole spacing, no o-ring groove on carburetor. Instead the o-ring groove is on the intake manifold. Since the 2 x 18 (22 od) intake o-ring is not part of the carburetor, it is not in the Honda gasket set 16010-114-004, or the multi-app set 16010-114-305.

Main Jet: This carb has a “long” press-in jet, with a rubber pad disk under it.

Pilot Jet: The idle jet is not replaceable. It is inside the upper end of the brass tube, pressed into the main body, on the engine side of the main jet.

Float Seat early: The 1970-73 carburetor had a screw-in float needle seat, that was replaceable, like in the illustration.

Float Seat late: The 1974-75 carburetor did not have a replaceable float needle valve seat. The seat was part of the main body, and must be cleaned and polished with a spinning Q-tip.

Float: no-stirrup metal-tip needle valve, swinging float 16013-114-004

Top Cap: M18 x 1.0 thread

Drain screw: 1970-73 chamber set 16015-114-004 had a M4-0.7 thread drain screw with a 2 x 4 (8 od) o-ring. 1974-75 had a M6-0.75 thread drain screw with no o-ring. 1976-78 had a M6-1.0 thread drain screw with a 2 x 2.5 (6.5od) o-ring. 1979-later had a 1.5 x 4 (7od) drain screw o-ring.

1972 Z50A drain screw








11. Keihin (10 mm) PA 03A-A on #130 1976-78 Honda Z50A Mini Trail
12. Keihin (11 mm) PA 03B-A on #181 1979-79 Honda Z50R up to 5022291
12. Keihin (11 mm) PA 03C-A on #181 1979-81 Honda Z50R after 5022291
12. Keihin (11 mm) PA 03D-A on #181 1982-85 Honda Z50R
12. Keihin (11 mm) PA 03F-B on #181 1986-87 Honda Z50R  

In 1979 the model name changed from Z50A to Z50R, and the name Mini Trail was dropped.


#0  16100-130-642
Keihin PA 03A-A
for 1976-78 Z50A
from cmsnl.com

#0  16100-165-004
Keihin PA 03B-A
for 1979 Z50R

#0 16100-165-014
Keihin PA 03C-A
for 1979-81 Z50R
from cmsnl.com

#0  16100-181-751
Keihin PA 03D-A
for 1982-85 Z50R











#1 16010-181-832
Keihin PA 03F-B
for ’86-87 Z50R
from cmsnl.com

1976-78 Z50A carb kit
D348 thick needle, #58 push-in jet. 
The drain screw and jet support pad are missing.

1979-81 Z50R carb kit
D117 thin needle, #58 screw-in jet. Left to right: drain screw, needle jet (emulsion tube), idle air screw, idle speed screw, float needle














Flange Mount: 38 mm hole spacing 1976-78.  32 mm hole spacing 1979-87.

Pilot Jet: The idle jet is not replaceable. It is inside the upper end of the brass tube, pressed into the main body, on the engine side of the main jet.

Main Jet:  For some reason in 1979 Honda wanted to make their jets tamper-proof. It’s funny that they went from one extreme to the other, from jets that fall out too easy, to jets that never come out. Both the NC50 and the Z50 changed to “fixed” jets (not replaceable) in late 1978 and 1979. After 1981 the jet was a screw-in, thankfully, like in the illustration

Float Seat: This carb does not have a replaceable float needle valve seat. The seat is part of the main body, and must be cleaned and polished with a spinning Q-tip.

Carb Kit: Beware of low-cost carburetor kits. In the kit at the right several things are wrong or made badly. 1) it is missing the press-in jet pad disk, 2) the jet o-ring was too big to allow the jet to press in. You can see it seems big in the photo. It was size 1.5 x 4 instead of 1 x 3, 3) the float needle was longer than stock, and the wire stirrup was bent badly in two ways. The throttle (jet) needle was D117 thin instead of D348 thick.

Float: In 1979 the float and float needle changed, from stirrup-type needle valve with black foam float, to no-stirrup needle valve 16155-883-005 with white plastic float 16013-147-004. Like before, the float needle has a rubber cone upper tip and a spring-loaded lower tip. 

Float Bowl: The 1979-later float bowl no longer has a press-in jet support pad disk 7.5 x 1.8mm.


#1  16010-143-305

#1  16010-081-014

#1 16010-165-621

#1 16010-181-305








PA 03A, 03B, 03C, 03D, 03F

 PA(a)03A-A  (b)03B-A  (c)03C-A  (d)03D-A  (e)03F-B
o# abcde price  Honda part#x  description xxx specs
o0 1o0oo  N/A 16100-130-641 use 16100-130-642
o0 1o0o0  N/A 16100-130-642 carburetor PA 03A-A Ø10 x 38 ’76-78 Z50A
o0 o1000  N/A 16100-165-004 carburetor PA 03B-A Ø11 x 32 ’79-79 Z50R
o0 o0100  N/A 16100-165-014 carburetor PA 03C-A Ø11 x 32 ’79-81 Z50R
o0 oo010  N/A 16100-181-751 carburetor PA 03D-A Ø11 x 32 ’82-85 Z50R
o0 00001  N/A 16100-181-830  16100-181-831 use 16100-181-832
o0 00001  N/A 16100-181-832 carburetor PA 03F-B Ø11 x 32 ’86-87 Z50R
o1 1o000 $22 16010-081-004 gasket solo-set 1a o d e f o h i
o1 10000 $23 16010-143-305 gasket multi-set 1a c d e f o h i

o1 01100 $18 16010-081-014 gasket solo-set   1a o o o f g h
o1 00011 $19
 16010-165-621 gasket solo-set oo o o o f g h o l
o1 01111 $19 16010-181-305 gasket multi-set 1a o o o f g h o l

1a 1o000 $$3 00000-000-000 top rubber washer 10 x 18 x 1
1d 1o0o0 0$2 16176-551-004 main jet o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1e 10000 $10 16197-063-004 jet support pad disk Ø7.5 x 1.8 
1f 11111 $15 00000-000-000 float bowl gasket  Ø1.5 NC50-type
1g o1111 $$2 00000-000-000 drain screw o-ring 1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1h 11011 $$2 00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1i  10000 0$2 16175-260-004 drain screw o-ring 2 x 2.5 (6.5 od)
1l  01111 0$5
 16110-181-831 top rubber washer 13 x 19 x 1
02 10000  N/A 16012-130-640 needle set 03AA
02 010o0  N/A 16012-165-014 needle set 03BA use 16012-181-831 
02 00111  N/A 16012-181-831 needle set 03CA, 03DA, 03FB
03 1o000  N/A 16013-099-691 use 16013-143-620
o3 1o000 $38 16013-143-620 float set 3a oo 3c 3d black stirrup
o3 o1111 $28 16013-147-004 float set oo 3b 3c 3d white regular
3a 1o000  N/A 00000-000-000 float bare, solid black foam stirrup
3b o1111 $21 00000-000-000 float bare hollow white plastic regular
3c 11111 $$4 00000-000-000 hinge pin substitute Ø2 x 18.5
3d 11111 $$3 0-93600-04006 hinge screw M4x6 sunk phillips
o4 11100  N/A 
16014-130-640 top set with pipe 4a 1a M18-1.0
00011  N/A 16014-GB1-912 top set with pipe 4a 1l M20-1.0
5 1o000  N/A 16015-130-640 chamber set 5a 1e 1f 5b 1g
05 o1110  N/A 16015-099-691 chamber set 5a oo 1f 5b 1g

05 o???1  N/A 16015-130-641 use 16015-130-641
5 o???1  N/A 16015-165-621 chamber set 5a oo 1f 5b 1g
6a ????1  N/A 16016-165-621 use 16016-165-505
6a ????1  N/A 16016-165-505 idle air screw set
6b ????1  N/A 16208-GC8-004 idle speed screw set
07 ?????  N/A  slide set
09 ?????  N/A  rubber cable pipe cover
10 1o0oo 
N/A 16011-143-620 use 16011-881-741
10 1o0oo $21 16011-881-741 float needle valve  stirrup
10 o1111 $24 16155-883-005 float needle valve regular
11 22222 0$1 93892-04012-08 screw & washer M4x12 pan phillips
14 10000 $16 99201-081-0580 main jet push-in #58 0.0228″
14 01100  N/A fixed needle jet and main jet pressed in 0.0228″
14 00011 0$7 99101-187-0580 main jet screw-in #58 0.0228″
18 11111 N/A (not sold separately) idle jet press-in tube 0.015″ pinhole


12. Keihin PA 03H-A on #GW8 1988-88 Honda Z50R up to JS900485
15. Keihin PA 03H-B on #GW8 1988-91 Honda Z50R after JS900485
15. Keihin PA 03M-A on #GW8 1992-93  Honda Z50R
15. Keihin PA 03N-A on #GW8 1994-99  Honda Z50R


#0 16100-GW8-682 Keihin PA 03M-A

#0 16100-GW8-305  Keihin PA 03N-A  from cmsnl.com














Flange Mount: 32mm hole spacing

Main Jet: screw-in #58, M6-0.75

Float: no-stirrup type white plastic 16013-147-004, needle valve 16155-883-005

Top Cap: M20-1.0 thread

Idle Mixture Screw: For the entire Z50A and Z50R year range 1968 to 1999, the idle mixture screw was an air type, not a fuel type. An idle air screw blocks an air tunnel, so tighter is less air (richer). An idle fuel screw blocks off a fuel tunnel. So tighter is less fuel (leaner). 

1992-98 Z59R carb kit

#1  16010-181-831
for PA 03H 03M 03N

#1  16010-181-305
for PA 03H 03M 03N

#5  16016-GW8-672
This idle air screw looks
like an idle fuel screw.










Keihin PA 03H-A, PA 03H-B, PA 03M-A, PA 03N-A

Keihin PA (a)03H-A  (b)03H-B  (c)03M-A (d)03N-A
o# abcd price   Honda part#x   description xxx specs
o0 1000  N/A 16100-GW8-671 16100-GW8-672 carburetor PA 03H-A 1988 Z50R up to JS900485
o0 0100  N/A 00000-000-000  16100-GW8-673 carburetor PA 03H-B ’88-91 Z50R mix screw changed
o0 0010  N/A  -680  -681 000  16100-GW8-682 carburetor PA 03M-A ’92-93 Z50R
o0 0001  N/A  -780  -791 000  16100-GW8-792 carburetor PA 03N-A ’94-99 Z50R
o0 1111  N/A 00000-000-000  16100-GW8-305 multi-carb  PA 03N-A replacement
o1 1111 $19 16010-181-831  gasket solo-set   o0 1f 1g 1h 1l
o1 1111 $19 16010-181-305  gasket multi-set 1a 1f 1g 1h 1l
1f  1111 $15 00000-000-000  float bowl gasket  Ø1.5 NC50-type
1g 1111 $$2 00000-000-000  drain plug o-ring 1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1h 1111 $$2 00000-000-000  intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1l   1111 0$5 
16110-181-831  top rubber washer 13 x 19 x 1
02 needle set
03 float set
04 chamber set
05 idle air screw set
06 slide set
07 idle speed screw set
09 top set
10 float needle
11 float bowl screw
12 drain hose
13 drain hose clamp
14 main jet



13. Keihin PA 42A-C on #GEL  2000-03 Honda XR50R
16. Keihin PA 42A-A on #GEL  2000-03 Honda XR50R

16. Keihin PA 42A-A on #GEL  2004-09 Honda CRF50F

In 2000 the Z50R was replaced by the XR50R. The carburetor remained mostly the same.


Links to Images:
2000 Honda XR50R carburetor PA42A-C
2008 Honda CRF50F carburetor  The gasket for this was in use for over 34 years!

This carburetor looks the same as the previous Z50R ones, except the flange is thicker and has square corners, not rounded.

Flange Mount: 32mm hole spacing, thicker with square corners

Chinese re-makes of this carburetor are common on the internet, at incredibly low prices. Read several reviews before buying one. Try to re-use the original Keihin.

In 2004 the XR50R was replaced by the CRF50F. The carburetor remained mostly the same.

Service: Here is a good article about how to remove and clean the non-replaceable idle (pilot) jet.


The CRF50F idle jet in that article did not crush when gripped lightly with a vise grip pliers. But some pressed-in idle jets have thin walls, or have a tighter fit that needs heavy clamping. Those require a close-fitting drill bit or solid wire, be placed in the hole first, to prevent crushing the tube with the vise grips. It’s a good idea to do that always. 




Keihin Carburetor Parts by Type

April 3, 2021

==============  K E I H I N   P A R T S  ===========
Float needles
16. Float bowls
17. Gaskets and O-rings
18. Jets 






15.  Float needles (valves)

Baby valves: These are the float needle valves for the smallest “baby” Keihin carburetors. Most other float needles are bigger than these, but look the same in photos.


16123-063-004 float needle valve $13  all metal type
On road models: 1969-70 Honda PC50, 1969-70 Honda PS50, 1970-72 Honda PC50K1, 1971-73 PF50 Amigo standard (FR DK NE), 1971-73 PF50 Amigo Graduate (UK), 1970-71 PS50K1, PS50K1 (NE), others


16011-881-741 float needle valve $21 stirrup type, 3-sided for 4.00 hole
supersedes 16011-143-62016011-147-004

On road models: 1977-79 Honda NC50 Express (with PA08B-A carb), 1978-79 PA50I and PA50II Hobbit, 1976-78 Z50A Mini Trail  Off road:
1976-78 Honda Z50A, 1977-79 XL75, 2004-07 CR80F, 1976-78 XR75, 1979-84 XR80, 1985-03 XR80R, 1977 CT125, 1976 TL125


16155-883-005 float needle valve $24 regular type, 3-sided for 4.00 hole
On road models: 1973-77 Honda PC50K1, 1973-78 Honda PF50 Amigo/Novio, 1978-83 Indian AMI-50, 1979-83 Honda NC50 Express (with PA08B-B carb), 1980-83 PA50II Hobbit, 1979-81 NA50 Express II, 1981-82 NX50 Express SR, 1982-83 NU50 Urban Express, 1980-83 C70 Passport, 1978-79 CT90 Trail 90, 1986 CT110 Trail 110, 1982 MB5, 1990 NS50, 1984-85 NQ50 Spree, 1988-90 SA50 Elite 50, 1985-91 CH80 Elite 80 
Off road: 1979-99 Honda Z50R, 1988 ZB50, 2000-03 XR50R, 2004-12+ CRF50F, 2004-09, CRF70F, 1978-82 CT70, 1997-03 XR70R, 1978-79 Honda CT90, 1980-84 CT110


Valve seats: The seat is the hole that the needle tip seals against. These “baby” Keihin PA series carbs have non-replaceable valve seats. Most motorcycle carburetors have replaceable float valve seats that screw in or push in. The seat is normally replaced with the needle. With these the seat must be cleaned, polished and inspected. It’s a tiny round hole at the end of a dark small round tunnel. It’s hard to see. It must be perfectly circular with no nicks or scratches on the edge of the hole, where it seals against the rubber cone tip of the needle.  The walls of the tunnel must be clean, smooth and shiny or the float might stick open a little and cause an overflow leak.

Beware of low cost float needles (valves). These have to be made precisely the same as originals in order to function properly. In the photo, the left one is a 16011-991-741 generic low-cost replica, made incorrectly. The stirrup wire is bent and the needle is longer. The right and middle are 16011-991-741 Honda originals (or KL-made replicas) for comparison, made correctly. 



Chamber families 165, 147A, 191, GK8

16.  “baby” Keihin float bowls

Here the chamber sets from above are all listed together, along with the carbs and bikes they go on. A chamber set includes the float bowl, float gasket, drain screw, and drain screw o-ring. As a courtesy, here are the links to CMS in Netherlands where you can view their image and see their price and availability.

Families: A chamber set family is one or more chamber sets that can interchange.

Jet pad: Before about 1980 these carburetors had push-in main jets. The push-in main jet was supported by a pill size rubber pad. The jet pad was held by a circular wall in the bottom of the float bowl. You can see that in the image on the right. The second bowl is for a jet pad, but the first bowl is not.

Choke jet: Carbs with fuel enrichment  type chokes have a jet in one corner of the float bowl (2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the image). Carbs with air valve choke plates do not have a choke jet (first in the image).

  Float Bowls (chambers) with no choke jet  =================    chamber     gasket

16015-064-004                                064 family
cmsnl.com roundish shape, shallow for jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs C4A C5A C5B F4A F5A lever-plate choke
on bikes 69-70 PC50/PS50, 70-73 PC50K1/PS50K1, 71-73 PF50

16015-114-004                                114 family
cmsnl.com roundish shape, deep for jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs 655A 674A lever-plate choke
on bikes 72-75 Z50, 70-75 QA50

16015-081-004                                081 family
cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow for jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs PA00A PA01A lever-plate choke
on bikes 73-77 PF50R, 73-78 PC50K1

 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow, for jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs PA03AA lever-plate choke
on bikes 76-78 Z50A, 79-81 Z50R and other Z50’s

16015-099-691                                165 family
cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow, for no jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs PAM0A PA03HA PA03HB PA03MA others lever-plate choke
on bikes 78-83 Indian, 88-99 Z50R, 04-05 CRF50F many others

16015-130-641 16015-165-621
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow, for no jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs PA03CA PA03DA lever-plate choke
on bikes 80-85 Z50R


16015-165-920 16015-165-621
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow, no jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs
on bikes

16015-165-621 16015-165-B10
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow, for no jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs PA03FB lever-plate choke
on bikes 86-87 Z50R


 NC50-shape, shallow, for no jet pad, no choke jet
on carbs PA03?? lever-plate choke
on bikes 93-96 Z50J (Japan model)


  Float Bowls (chambers) with choke jet  =================    chamber     gasket

16015-147-004                                147A family
  cmsnl.com NC50-shape, shallow, for jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs PA08BA  black float, cable-enrich choke
on bikes 77-78 NC50

16015-147-014                                 147B family
 cmsnl.com  NC50-shape, shallow, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs
PA08BB 08EA 08EB 08DA white float cable-enrich choke
on bikes 78-80 NC50, 79-80 NA50


16015-187-043 use 16015-191-034  191 family
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, deep, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs PA13EA                 white float vacuum-enrich choke

on bikes 82-83 NU50, NU50M

16015-187-671 use 16015-191-034
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, deep, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs PA13BA                 white float vacuum-enrich choke

on bikes 81-82 NX50

16015-191-014 16015-191-024
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, deep, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs PA15AA PA16AA  white float vacuum-enrich choke

on bikes 81 NC50, 81 NA50


16015-191-024 ⇒ 16015-191-034
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, deep, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs PA15AA PA16AA  white float vacuum-enrich choke

on bikes 81 NC50, 81 NA50

16015-191-034   available soon
 cmsnl.com NC50-shape, deep, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs
PA15AA PA16AA  white float vacuum-enrich choke
on bikes 81 NC50, 81 NA50

16015-GA6-671 use 16015-191-034
treatland.tv NC50-shape, deep, for no jet pad, with choke jet
on carbs
PA13EA                 white float vacuum-enrich choke
on bikes 82-83 NC50

16015-GK8-671                                GK8 family
  cmsnl.com  NC50 with outer loop, very deep, choke jet
on carbs
PA29CD PA29HA others electric-enrich choke
on bikes 84-86 NQ50, 83-85 NM50



17.  Gasket Multi-App Sets (for several carburetors)

There are 100’s of vintage Honda carburetors. Many share the same gaskets, but have maybe one or two things different. To reduce the number of different gasket sets, Honda combines several sets into one multi-set. In a multi set there are extra “optional” gaskets, that may or may not be needed. These are in separate packages labeled A or B. There is a sheet of paper with a table of replacement gasket set part numbers, the specific part numbers they replace, and a number, usually 1 or 0, in the A and B columns, telling how many of each “optional” gaskets are required.  



16010-114-305 $18
fits 1972-75 Honda Z50A Mini Trail
fits 1970-75 Honda QA50
1p top rubber washer 10 x 15 x 1  
1q (A) drain screw washer 3 x 6 x 0.5
1d main jet o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1e jet support disk Ø7.5 x 1.8? 
1n float bowl gasket 1.5 x 40 (43 od) 
1r drain plug o-ring 2 x 4 (8 od)



16010-143-305 $23    
fits 1976-78 Honda Z50A Mini Trail, 1979-81 Z50R
fits 1977 NC50 Express and some 1978 (except for the drain plug o-ring)
fits 1970-77 PC50K1 and 1978-80 Indian AMI50 (except drain plug o-ring)

1a top rubber washer 10 x 18 x 1
1h (A) intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od) 

1c (B) intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od) 
1d main jet o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1e jet support disk Ø7.5 x 1.8 
1f  float bowl gasket Ø1.5 NC50 type
1i  drain plug o-ring 2 x 2.5 (6.5 od)



16010-147-505 $21 
fits 1979 NC50 and some 1978
fits 1979-80 NA50 and NC50

1b top rubber washer 13 x 16.5 x 1
1c intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od)
1d (A) idle fuel screw o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1g (A) drain plug o-ring  1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1f  float bowl gasket Ø1.5 NC50 type
1i  (B) drain plug o-ring 2 x 2.5 (6.5 od)



16010-156-305 $15   
fits 1978-83 Honda PA50
1c intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od)
1h intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1g drain plug o-ring  1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1j float bowl gasket 2 x 50 (54 od)




16010-181-305 $19  
fits 1979-86 Z50R, 2000-03 XR50R, 2004-11+ CRF50F
1a top rubber washer 10 x 18 x 1
1h intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1l  top rubber washer 13 x 19 x 1 
1g drain plug o-ring  1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1f float bowl gasket Ø1.5 NC50 type




16010-GF8-305 $25  
fits 1981-82 NX50, 1982-83 NU50

1b top rubber washer 13 x 16.5 x 1
1h intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1d (A) idle fuel screw o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1t (B) o-ring 1.5 x 8.5 (11.5 od)
1u (B) nylon washer 6.2 x 11 x 0.8
1g drain plug o-ring  1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1k float bowl gasket 2.5 tall x 1.5 wide NQ50 type



18. Jets


  ∅ 5   P U S H – I N    J E T S   ∅5.0 x 9.5 with o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
 N/A 99201.081.0500 jet push-in 50
 N/A 99201.081.0520 jet push-in 52
 N/A 99201.081.0550 jet push-in 55 C4A C4B F4A C5A

$16 99201.081.0580 jet push-in 58 PA 03A-A
 N/A 99201.081.0600 jet push-in 60
 N/A 99201.081.0620 jet push-in 62 C5B F5A

99201.081.0650 jet push-in 65 PA 01A
 N/A 99201.081.0680 jet push-in 68 

$16 99201.081.0700 jet push-in 70 PA 00A
 N/A 99201.081.0780 jet push-in 78 PA 08B-A
$23 substitute jet, #70 drilled to 78 PA 08B-A



M 6   S C R E W – I N   J E T S    M6-0.75 thread
0$7 99101-187-0580 jet #58 PA03DA PA03FB 82-87 Z50R
 N/A 99101-187-0600 jet #60
 N/A 99101-187-0640 jet #64

0$7 99101-187-0680 jet #68 PA29CD PA29HA 84-87 NQ50
$$7 99101-187-0700 jet #70 PAMOA PA25A ? 78-80 Indian, 82-83 NC50I
0$7 99101-187-0750 jet #75 PA15A 16A 13BB 81-83 NC50, 81 NA50
0$7 99101-187-0760 jet #76
0$7 99101-187-0780 jet #78 PA13BA 81-82 NX50
0$7 99101-187-0800 jet #80
99101-187-0820 jet #82 
0$7 99101-187-0850 jet #85 PA13EA 82-83 NU50



M 7   S C R E W – I N   J E T S    M7-0.75 thread
$7.00 99101-124-0600 main jet 60 BB21A
$7.00 99101-124-0780 main jet 78 BB20A







19. Where else to get Keihin parts

Consolidated Motor Spares B.V. (CMS): This is an excellent online store from the bike-loving nation of Netherlands that has “every” Honda part. They have parts schematic illustrations for every Honda model worldwide, and photos of every part on every Honda, and not just motorcycles. And not just Honda, but also Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Much of the information of the Honda “Baby” Keihin carburetors came from CMS. https://www.cmsnl.com/ 


Keihin Carburetor Parts family 3,4,5

April 3, 2021

== carb ID# ============  M O P E D S  ===========
3. PA 00A-A  1973-77 Honda PC50K1, PF50R ooo 50 kmh OHV
3. PA 01A-A  1973-77 Honda PC50K1, PF50R ooo 40 kmh OHV
3. PA M0A-A  1978-83 Indian AMI50 4-Stroke xx  30 mph OHV
4. BB 21A-B  1978-78 Honda PA50-I Hobbit xxx   20 mph TS
4. BB 21A-F  1979-79 Honda PA50-I Hobbit xxx   20 mph TS
4. BB 20A-C  1978-78 Honda PA50-II Hobbit xx    30 mph TS
4. BB 20A-F  1979-83 Honda PA50-II Hobbit xx    30 mph TS
5. P 006A-A  1974-75 Honda MR50 Elsinore xxx   40 kmh OHC
5. PA 06A-A  1973-78 Honda PM50, PF50M xxxx   40 kmh TS
5. PA 07A-A  1975-78 Honda PF50M xxxxxxxxx    50 kmh TS






1973-78 Honda PF50 Amigo,
Amigo-R, Novio-R  40-50 kph

3. Keihin
size   carb   years  model code   models00xx   speed version
0∅9 PA 01A 1973-77 081 Honda PC50K1 00xxxxxx  40 km/h
0∅9 PA 01A 1973-78 099 Honda PF50 Amigo/Novio 40 km/h
∅10 PA 00A 1973-77 081 Honda PC50K1 00xxxxxx  50 km/h
∅10 PA 00A 1973-78 099 Honda PF50 Amigo/Novio 50 km/h
∅10 PA M0A 1978-83 000 Indian AMI-50 (US) xxxx   30 mph

1973 Honda PC50K1

1980 Indian AMI-50 (US)










1975 Honda PC50K1

1980 Indian AMI-50 (US)

Keihin PA-00A carb

Missing the jet pad #1e.









#0  16100-081-024 Keihin PA-00A carb

#0  Keihin PA-M0A carb









Late PC50: In 1973 the PC50 carburetor changed from “donut” float to a swinging float, and a NC50-type float bowl and gasket. The 1973-77 PC50K1 and 1973-78 PF50 engine and carb are the same as the Taiwan remake engine and Keihin carburetor used on the 1978-83 Indian moped. So the carburetor parts are the same also, with some exceptions.

PA 00A (16100-081-024) and PA 01A (16100-099-693) have the same parts. The push-in jet size, venturi size and intake flange o-ring are the only difference. 

PA M0A (E210-20-50) has the same parts as PA 00A and PA 01A, except for 1) a screw-in jet instead of push-in, 2) no jet pad, 3) no jet pad holder in float bowl, 4) a white regular type float instead of a black stirrup type. 

Flange Mount: 32 mm hole spacing, 2 x 18 (22 od) o-ring 00A, 01A.

Indian AMI50: The Indian AMI50 Chief four stroke moped engine, OHV with pushrods and internal pedals, made from 1978-1984, is a Taiwan-made copy of a Honda PC50K1 or PF50 engine, OHV with pushrods and internal pedals, made from 1973-1978. The Indian had three different carburetors, Tillotson (some 1978), Keihin (some 1978, most 1979-80), Mikuni (some 1980, all 1981-84). Only the Keihin parts are listed here.

#1  16100-081-004
for PA 00A and 01A

#1  16010-143-305
for PA 00A 01A 03A

#1  16010-081-014
for PA M0A

#1  16010-181-305
for PA M0A 03C/D/E/F










Keihin PA 00A, PA 01A, PA M0A

Keihin  (a)PA-00A  (b)PA-01A  (c)PA-M0A
o# abc price Indian part#  Honda part#    description        specs
0 1oo  N/A 0000-00-00 16100-081-024 carburetor PA 00A Ø10 E10
00 o1o  N/A 0000-00-00 16100-099-693 carburetor PA 01A   Ø9 E10
00 oo1  N/AE210-00-50 16100-000-000 carburetor PA M0A Ø10
o1 11o $22 0000-00-00 16010-081-004 gasket solo-set   1a o d e f o h i
o1 110 $23 0000-00-00 16010-143-305 gasket multi-set 1a c d e f o h i
o1 oo$18 E231-gasks  16010-081-014 gasket solo-set   1a o o o f g h
o1 001 $19 E231-gasm  16010-181-305 gasket multi-set 1a o o o f g h i  l
1a 111 $$3 E231-####00000-000-000 top rubber washer 10 x 18 x 1
1c 000 $$2 E231-####00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od) 
1d 11o 0$2 0000-00-00 16176-551-004 main jet o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1e 11o $10 E231-####16197-063-004 jet pad disk Ø7.5 x 1.8 
1f  111 $15 E231-02-00 00000-000-000 float bowl gasket Ø1.5 NC50-type
1g oo$$2 E231-11-00 00000-000-000 drain screw o-ring 1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1h 11o $$2 0000-00-00 00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1i  110 0$2 0000-00-00 16175-260-004 drain screw o-ring 2 x 2.5 (6.5 od)
02 111 $24 E231-13-00 16155-883-005 float needle valve non-stirrup type
03 111  N/A E231-####16012-081-014 needle set 3a 3b 3c 3d
3a 111 $10 E231-09-00 00000-000-000 jet needle D348 thick Ø2 x 33
3b 111 0$2 E231-10-00 16157-044-004 needle e-clip substitute 1.5mm
3c 111 0$5 E231-08-00 16156-044-004 w-spring clip
3d 111  N/A E231-####16133-081-004 needle jet ∅3.95 ∅5 ∅3.9 ∅5 x 27
3d ooo 0$6 0000-00-00 ooooo-000 03A needle jet ∅3.95 ∅5 ∅3.9 ∅5 x 27
3d ooo 0$6 0000-00-00 ooooo-000 03B needle jet ∅3.95 ∅5 ∅3.9 ∅5 x 27
o4 110  N/A E231-####16013-099-691 float set black 4c 4d 4e PA 00A, 01A
4a 001 $28 E231-####16013-147-004 float set white 4b 4d 4e PA M0A
4b 001 $21 E231-06-00 00000-000-000 float bare white non-stirrup
4c 110  N/A E231-06-00 00000-000-000 float bare black stirrup
4d 111 $$4 E231-15-00 00000-000-000 hinge pin substitute Ø2 x 18.5
4e 111 $$3 E231-16-00 0-93600-04006 hinge pin screw M4 x 6 sunk
05 111 $30 E231-01-00 16014-081-004 top set 5a 5b 1a
5a 111 $23 E231-03-00 00000-000-000 substitute cap brass M20-1.0
5b 111 0$3 E231-####00000-000-000 cable adjuster male M6-0.75
06 11oN/A E231-01-00 16015-081-004 chamber set 6a 6b 1f 1i
6a 11oN/A 0000-00-00 16015-165-B10 float bowl bare for push-in jet
06 oo1 $67 E231-####16015-099-601 chamber set 6a 6c 1f 1g
6a oo1 $46 E231-01-00 16015-165-B10 float bowl bare for screw-in jet
6b 11o  N/A 0000-00-00 00000-000-000 bowl drain screw M4-0.70
6c oo1 $16 E231-23-00 00000-000-000 bowl drain screw M6-1.00
07 111 $15 E231-####16016-143-620 adjustment screw set 7a 7b 7c 7d
7a 111 $$6 E231-19-00 00000-000-000 idle air mix screw M6-0.75 special
7b 111 $$4 E231-21-00 00000-000-000 idle speed screw M4-0.70 special
7c 111 $$5 E231-20-00 00000-000-000 idle air screw spring Ø5.6 x 10
7d 111 $$2 E231-22-00 00000-000-000 idle speed screw spring Ø4.9 x 9
08 1o1 $34 E231-####16022-081-004 valve set 8a 8b Ø13 PA 00A
08 1o1 $00 E231-####16022-HB2-003 new #
8a 1o$22 E231-07-00 00000-000-000 throttle slide Ø13 #15A PA 00A
8b 1o$12 E231-17-00 00000-000-000 throttle spring Ø10 x 42 PA 00A
08 o1oN/A 0000-00-00 16022-143-620 valve set 8a 8b Ø12 PA 01A
08 o10 $00 0000-00-00 16022-191-004 new #
11 111 0$2 E231-04-00 16118-086-004 rubber boot substitute Dellorto
12 222 0$1 E231-12-00  93500 – 04012 bowl screw M4 x 12 pan phillips
13 222  .25 E231-####   95002-02070 bowl screw lock washer
14 111  N/A E231-####   95001-35150 drain hose
15 111  N/A E231-####0-95002-02070 drain hose clamp
16 oo1 $$7 E231-18-00 99101-187-070 main jet #70 M6-0.75 screw-in
16 oo1  N/A E231-18-00 99201-187-0700 new #
16 11o $16 0000-00-00 99201-081-070 main jet #70 0.0275″ push-in
16 11o  N/A 0000-00-00 99201-081-0700 new #
17 oo1  N/A E231-01-00 00000-000-000 carb body bare
18 oo1  N/A E231-####00000-000-000 idle jet press-in tube 0.38 mm=0.015″

Indian PA MOA carb disassembled


Choke plate: These three carbs have a lever choke that swings a plate to block air flow. There is no enrichment fuel path or jet. So the float bowl has no choke jet. The other baby Keihins with cable or vacuum operated choke do have a choke jets in their float bowls. The choke (enrichment) fuel passes up through the sealed off corner of the bowl gasket.  

Float Bowl: The PA-03A and 03B chamber set (float bowl, float bowl gasket, drain screw and drain screw o-ring) from 1970’s Honda mini-cycles (Mini Trail or Monkey) interchanges with a PA 00A, 01A chamber set  from 1970’s Honda mopeds. The drain screw (4 or 6 mm) and its o-ring (2×2.5 or 1.5×4) are different. So if the float bowl is changed the drain screw must also be changed. 

Needle jet: The PA-03A and 03B mini-cycle needle jets (emulsion tubes) interchange with PA 00A, 01A, and M0A moped ones. These press out with taps from a hammer and punch from above. At first the punch tip needs to be bigger than the 4 mm tube end. Once the tube end gets below the floor a smaller 3.5 to 3.9 mm straight round bar is needed. It has to enter the 4 mm hole and contact the idle tube around the edge.

Keihin MOA parts

Idle jet: A little downstream from the needle jet is the idle jet. It is a pinhole 0.015″ at the upper end of a vertical brass tube about 20mm long. The idle tube is a press fit in the carb body. Some can be pulled out with just a pliers. Some might be tighter and require a drill bit be placed inside the tube to prevent crushing from the tighter pliers grip. This tube was never intended to be replaced and is not sold or included in any common carb kit. 

Air tunnels: In the front below the main air inlet are two small horizontal air tunnels. The center tunnel is main air and the side tunnel is idle air. The small amount of air sucked in through the main air tunnel passes through tiny holes in the emulsion tube and becomes thousands of microscopic air bubbles in the liquid gasoline that is being drawn upward. The tiny amount of air sucked in through the idle air tunnel passes around the idle air adjustment screw cone shape tip and goes to the vertical idle passage just above the idle jet. The idle air tunnel is the size of a regular paper clip 0.036 inch. A straightened paper clip cleans it perfectly.    


PA50 speed versions

4. Keihin
∅10 BB 21A-B #148 on 1978-78 Honda PA50 I  Hobbit (US) 20 mph
∅10 BB 21A-F #148 on 1979-79 Honda PA50 I  Hobbit (US) 20 mph
∅12 BB 20A-C #148 on 1978-83 Honda PA50 II Hobbit (US) 30 mph

1978 PA50II 30mph

1978 PA50I 20mph

1983 Honda PA50II









#0 16100-148-645  Keihin BB 21A-B

#0  16100-148-646 Keihin BB21A-F










#0  16100-148-708  Keihin BB 20A-C









Flange mount: 42 mm bolt hole spacing

Honda’s successor to the four-stroke PC50 was the two-stroke PA50, known in the USA as Hobbit, and in Europe as Camino. It was made in Belgium by Honda Benelux, so it had a mix of Japanese and European design and componentry. 

In US models, 20 mph versions were 1978-79 red. 30 mph versions were 1978-79 yellow, 1980 yellow, 1981-82 red, and 1983 black.

This Keihin BB type carburetor is not like any other moped carburetor. It looks more like a Honda generator carburetor. It is a very flat design. It has to be special because it swings up and down with the engine, and is very close to the frame at the place where you step through.  The BB type floats on PA50 are wider and flatter than NC50 or Z50 floats.  

#1  16010-124-760

#1  16010-156-305









Keihin (1978-83 Honda PA50) carburetor illustration

Keihin BB-20A and BB-21A

(a)BB 21A-B (b)BB 21A-F (c)BB 20A-C (d)BB 20A-F? 
o# abcd price  Honda part# x description xxx specs
00 1o00  N/A
16100-148-645 carburetor 21A-B ∅10 20 mph 1978 
00 01o0  N/A
16100-148-646 carburetor 21A-F ∅10 20 mph 1979
00 o010  N/A
16100-148-708 carburetor 20A-C ∅12 30mph 1978
00 o001  N/A
16100-148-708 carburetor 20A-F ∅12 30mph’79-83 
01 1111 $14 16010-124-760
gasket solo-set   1c 1g oo 1j
01 1111 $15
 16010-156-305 gasket multi-set 1c 1g 1h 1j
1c 1111 $$2 00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od)
1g 1111 $$2 00000-000-000 drain screw o-ring 1.5 x 4 (7 od)

1j  1111 $11 00000-000-000 float bowl gasket 2 x 50 (54 od)
o2 1010  N/A 16011-147-004  16011-147-305
o2 1010 $21 16011-881-741 float needle stirrup type
o2 010$24 16011-883-005 float needle regular type

03 1010  N/A 16013-124-760
03 1010  N/A 16013-124-762 float set black 3a 3c 21A-B, 20A-C
03 010 N/A 16013-883-305 float set white 3b 3c 21A-F, 20A-F?

3a 1010  N/A 00000-000-000 float bare black stirrup type
3b 010
1  N/A 00000-000-000 float bare white regular type
3c 1111  N/A 00000-000-000 hinge pin ∅2 x 23
04 1111  N/A 16016-148-611 screw set

04 1111  N/A 16016-890-015 screw set 4a 4b 4c 4d 4e
4a 1111 0$1 00000-000-000 idle speed screw M4 x 15 slot
4b 1111  N/A 00000-000-000 idle speed spring
4c 1111  N/A 00000-000-000 idle fuel screw
4d 1111  N/A 00000-000-000 idle fuel spring
4e 1111 0$3 00000-000-000 cleaning access plug M5 x 5 slot
05 1111  N/A 16024-124-760 drain screw set
07 1111  N/A 16110-148-010 choke lever cover
08 1111  N/A 16166-148-740 nozzle, main
09 1111  N/A 16199-148-611 vent hose ∅3.5 ∅6.5 x 65 gray
09 1111 
.50 16199-148-sub substitute  ∅3.1 ∅6.3 x 65 clear
10 1111 0$2 0-93500-04008 cable pinch screw M4 x 8
11 2222 0$1 0-93500-04012 bowl screw M4x12 pan phillips
12 2222  .50 0-94111-04800 lock washer M4 split
13 1111  N/A
95001-35400-40 drain hose ∅3.5 ∅7.0 x 400 gray
13 1111 0$1 95001-35400sub substitute ∅3.1 ∅6.3 x 400 clear
14 1010 0$7 99101-124-600 main jet 60 21A
14 0101 0$7 99101-124-780 main jet 78 20A

15 1111  N/A 0-95002-02070 drain hose clamp B7 (for 7 not 6.3)
16 1111  N/A 0-95002-02065 vent hose clamp B6.5


1978 PA50 carb service

PA50 carb removal

 Servicing: The best way to remove the PA50 carburetor is to hold the back of the bike up by either a rope tied to an overhead beam, or with a milk crate and blocks of wood. Remove the floorboards and side covers. Unplug the ignition wires from the coil at the right rear. Pull them through and move them out of the way. Disconnect the decompression cable and the spark plug cap. Loosen the wiring clamps so there is slack in the wires. Remove the lower rear shock bolts and the swing arm pivot bolt above the engine. Then the whole sub-frame can be moved away from the main frame, either by lifting the back of the bike up, or by swinging it around sideways.

Note that the float bowl can go on two different ways. The wrong way assembles normally, but causes the vertical brass overflow tube to contact the float. Honda designed all of the cleaning ports, drain screws, and adjustment screws to face the right side of the bike, which is the upper left in the exploded view. The drain hose spigot on the float bowl faces the same way as the adjustment screws. The other way to tell is by shaking the carburetor. If you can hear the float rattling inside then the float is not stuck so the float bowl is on correctly. 

While every other moped carburetor is a sliding throttle valve type, this one is a swinging plate throttle valve. The reason is to be flatter, to get more clearance from the bottom of the frame. The manual choke is also a swinging plate, with an automatic release.

Some servicing can be done with the carburetor installed. It is easy to clean the idle passages and jet by spraying a one second long burst of carb spray into the idle mixture screw hole, followed by compressed air. The running engine is allowed to consume the flammable solvent before the next burst is sprayed in, to prevent the engine from getting flooded.



1975-78 PF50M

5. Keihin
size carb model code years       Honda models
∅12   006A on #131 1974-75 MR50 Elsinore (US)
∅10 PA06A on #122 1973-75 PM50 Canguro, PM50 Novio  40 km/h
∅10 PA07A on #143 1975-78 PF50M, PF50MR (BE,NL,NZ) 40 km/h
∅12 PA07A on #143 1975-78 PF50M, PF50MR (FR,UK,CA) 50 km/h

1973 Honda PM50 Canguro

1974 Honda PM50 Novio










#0 16100-131-004 Keihin 006A

#0  16100-122-024 PA06B

#0  16100-143-620 Keihin PA07A









Flange mount: PA06A PA07A 32 mm bolt hole spacing
Spigot-mount: 006A

Cable-choke: The choke cable passes through the carb top along with the throttle cable.  

Float: These carbs have a black float 16003-114-004 but a non-stirrup type float needle. The float needle and seat are sold as a set 16011-122-004.

#1  16010-131-004

#1  16010-122-305








Keihin PA06A-A and PA07A-A

Keihin    (a)006A   (b)PA06A   (c)PA07A
o# abc price  Honda part# x description xxx specs 
00 10o  N/A 16100-131-004 carburetor ∅12 006A   74-75 MR50
00 o00  N/A 16100-122-004
00 o00  N/A 16100-122-014 carburetor ∅10 696A
00 o00  N/A 16100-122-024 carburetor ∅10 PA06B
00 01o  N/A 16100-122-690 carburetor ∅10 PA06A PM50 < 20101
00 01o  N/A 16100-122-691 carburetor ∅10 PA06A PM50 > 20100
00 01o  N/A 16100-122-692 carburetor ∅10 PA06A PM50 > 20100
00 o01  N/A 16100-143-620 carburetor ∅12 PA07A PF50M, PF50MR
00 10o  N/A 16010-131-004 gasket solo-set   5-piece 1a d e f o i
01 011  N/A 16010-122-004 16010-122-014
01 011  N/A 16010-122-305 gasket multi-set 7-piece 1a d e f h i s
1a 111  N/A 00000-000-000 top gasket Ø1.5
1d 111 0$2 16176-551-004 main jet o-ring 1 x 3 (5 od)
1e 111 $10 16197-063-004 jet pad disk Ø7.5 x 1.8 
1f  111  N/A 00000-000-000 float bowl gasket Ø1.5
1h 011 $$2 00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 18 (22 od)
1i  111 0$2 16175-260-004 drain screw o-ring 2×2.5(6.5od)
1s 111  N/A 00000-000-000 float valve o-ring 1.5 x 5 (8od)
96 011  N/A 99201-122-0650 main jet push-in #65 PA06A
96 100  N/A 99201-122-0750 main jet push-in #75 006A PA07A?