September 5, 2011

Welcome. Printed manuals are listed in alphabetical order. Some are new original reproductions. Some are new but modified, enhanced, combined and edited. Most original manuals are used, but complete. They are all checked for the correct pages, and any missing or damaged pages are copied (from another manual) and added in. Most manuals are black and white print, except for the cover. Some are black and white copies. Most of the copied manuals are in a slide-type binder with a clear cover. 

Links to online manuals are also listed here.

Project Moped Manual  Project Moped Manual is where to go to find original manuals. Clicking on that is like entering the library or museum. It’s a big collection! The manuals are listed A to Z, with details. Most are free downloads that take a couple of minutes.

Moped Army – Wiki – Repair Tutorials  Moped Army has hundreds of good user supplied articles on many service topics. Pick and choose what you want to read about.

Lucky 2 Strokes Right now (May 7 2018) none of their manuals are available. Hopefully it is just temporary.


Batavus (Laura M48 engine)

Laura M48 Service Manual 1972

Laura M48 Engine
Service Manual 1972
new $25

1972 Anker Laura M48 parts list header

1972 Anker Laura M48 Spare Parts List
none available in print


Both of these beautifully illustrated manuals are on display in the Moped Info and Parts / Laura Motor section. The pages can be individually copied or viewed.

The 1972 M48 looks identical to the 1977 version, except the head fins are totally round and the ignition spark coil is internal.



Batavus VA and HS50 (M48) Parts

Batavus VA, HS50
Laura M48 engine
Spare Parts Catalog
used $25

Batavus M48 Models Service

Batavus VA, HS50
Laura M48 engine
Service Manual
used $32

Batavus Starflite (M48) Parts

Batavus Starflite
Laura M48 engine
Spare Parts Catalog
used $20

Batavus 1976-78 (M48 models) Service Manual by Clymer

Batavus 1976-78
Laura M48 engine
Clymer Repair Manual
used $25












Here is a link to Batavus M48 service information and technical notes:


Batavus (Laura M56 engine)

Batavus Regency (M56) Parts

Batavus Regency
Laura M56 engine
Spare Parts Catalog
used $12

Batavus M56 Models Service

Batavus Regency
Laura M56 engine
Service Manual
used $22 copy $15












Peugeot 102, 103

Peugeot Manuals

Actual Peugeot Manuals for Sale

1. Peug 102/103 Clutch Manual copy    N/A
2. Peug 102 Dealer Manual orig  02/80 $25
3. Peug 103 Dealer Manual copy 02/77 $15
4. Peug 103 Dealer Manual orig 02/77 $25
5. Peug 103 Dealer Manual orig 10/79 $30
6. Peug 103 Clymer Manual copy 1978 $15
7. Peug 103 Clymer Manual orig new   $30
8. Peug 103 Owners Manual good copy $5
9. Peug 103 Owners Manual original    $20
 #6 and 7 are in the link below, free viewing
At top, a bundle of manuals: dealer parts,
dealer service, Clymer service,
dealer service bulletins, and
troubleshooting sheets. price $50
Peugeot Parts Manuals

Peugeot Parts Manuals

Peugeot Parts Manuals

Peugeot Parts Manuals

Peugeot Mopeds Parts Manuals, USA Models, used but good condition, for sale. All pages checked for any missing. The lighter brown notebooks are the “Ref 80” early version. Price $30. The thicker dark brown notebooks are the “64390” version. Price $35. The same notebook cover is used for many different versions just by putting in different sheets. That’s why the cover has English, Spanish, Italian, and French language on it, but inside it’s 99% English, 1% French.


Tomos (A3 engine)

1974-1991 Tomos
with A3 Engine
Myrons Service Manual
none available in print












Tomos (A35 engine)

Tomos A35 Service

1992-2006 Tomos
with A35 Engine
Service Manual
new $40











Tomos (A55 engine)

Tomos A55 Tuning Manual

2002-2013 Tomos
with A55 Engine
Info & Tuning Manual
none available in print

Tomos Streetmate A52/A55 Information and Tuning Manual:

This is a technical masterpiece, the best and most complete. By R.L. Vuyk. From the Netherlands, where mopeds rule.








Vespa (Piaggio)

Myrons Vespa Service Manual