CEV Tail Lights

July 14, 2016

2. CEV Tail Lights

Many or most 1970’s European made mopeds, USA models, use CEV tail lights, made in Italy.

CEV 9350

CEV 9350: Many 1972 -1976 US mopeds, and some Italian scooters and motorcycles, had this “oval with flat sides” single bulb lamp. It was exclusively on mopeds with magneto powered lights and an external ignition ground. If the brake light burned out, the bike would loose spark when the brakes were applied. Internal ignition ground mopeds did not use this lamp because they only had a 10 watt generator coil which made the brake light 6V 18/5 or 6V 21/5 bulb too dim.


CEV 9350 chrome

CEV 9350 black

Peugeot 103 tail light assembly







CEV 9350 used original with no-side-reflector lens $85









CEV 9350, 1 version, 2 colors, 3 or more mounts

9350 xx $85 tail light chrome used, like new
9350.1    N/A tail light black, used, like new

————-9 3 5 0—P A R T S——————-
03211 N/A red lens w/ reflectors, says CEV 174
03211.1 $35 red lens no reflectors, says CEV 174
03211.2 $40 red lens w/ reflectors, SIM 232.07

03212 x $40 lamp body chrome
03212.1 $45-$35 lamp body black

22253  $1.90 lens screw M4 x 72 phillips
22253.1 0$2 lens screw long bolt-thru with nut

10630.3 $2.00 bulb 6V 21/5W #1154

16590 x $20 mount with license plate bracket
16590.1 $10 mount with no license bracket
02748  x N/A mount with license plate bracket
02748 x  N/A these are all broken at the top




CEV 9350 lens replacements
Left CEV 174 no side reflectors
Right SIM 232 with side reflectors

CEV 9350 tail light lens replacements











CEV 9400 Series

CEV 9400/9401/9417: In 1977 these “rectangular” series dual-bulb lamps came out. They have two separate bulbs. Top is brake light and bottom is tail light. Both bulbs are the Ba15s “small glass” type. 9417 is for mounting higher up on the rear fender.

CEV 9400.1/9401.1/9417.1: These are the same except for the bulb holder and upper bulb. The bulb holder is made for a “large glass” upper bulb. This can be for a brighter brake light on battery powered motorcycles. Or it can be for some US model mopeds with a special “external ignition ground” that powers the brake light. On those the brake light needs to be 6V 21W in order to have good spark with the brakes on. Crazy!

Almost all motorcycles are battery powered or generator-with-regulator powered. These CEV lights were all that was ever needed for them.

CEV 9400.2/9401/2/9417.2: To solve the problem of loosing spark if the brake light burned out, CEV made versions special for USA mopeds, with a power resistor hidden inside. If the brake light burned out, the resistor would allow the engine to stay running. The 9400.2, 9401.2 and 9417.2 soon superseded the 9400.1, 9401.1, and 9417.1.

So the “1” versions are uncommon in the US, and the “2” versions are uncommon in Europe.


CEV 9400 grey
Piaggio 185026

CEV 9400.2 grey
Piaggio 185028

CEV 9417 on Peugeot 102








CEV 9400 is on:
Derbi ’78-89 Variant

CEV 9400.1

CEV 9400.2 is on:
Piaggio ’80-83 Grande










CEV 9401

CEV 9401.1

CEV 9401.2 is on:
Garelli ’77-78, some 79-83










CEV 9417 is on:
Tomos ’87-12
Puch ’78-86

CEV 9417.1

CEV 9417.2 is on:
Tomos ’77-86
Garelli ’84-86, some 79-83











Top: CEV 9400, 3 versions, two colors
Middle: CEV 9401, 3 versions, all black
Bottom: CEV 9417, 3 versions, 1 replica

9400 tail light with mount, two bulbs
black     $80 top: 6V 10W, no resistor
grey x   $65 bottom: 6V 5W

9400.1  tail light with mount, two bulbs
black     $85 top: 6V 18W, large glass, no resistor
grey    x$70 bottom: 6V 5W

9400.2 tail light with mount, two bulbs
black     $90 top: 6V 10W, with resistor
grey      $75 bottom: 6V 5W

9401   none tail light with mount, two bulbs
9401 $65    top: 6V 10W, no resistor
9401 $65    bottom: 6V 5W

9401.1 none tail light with mount, two bulbs
9401.1 $65 top: 6V 18W, large glass, no resistor
9401.1 $65 bottom: 6V 5W

9401.2 none tail light with mount, two bulbs
9401.2 $00 top: 6V 10W, with resistor
9401.2 $00 bottom: 6V 5W

9417xx $65$45 tail light w/mount, 2 bulbs
9417xx $6top: 6V 10W, no resistor
9417xx $6bottom: 6V 5W   12V bulbs optional

9417.1 $70$50 tail light w/ mount, 2 bulbs
9417.1 $6- top: 6V 18W, large glass, no resistor
9417.1 $6- bottom: 6V 5W

9417.2 $75$55 tail light w/ mount, 2 bulbs
9417.2 $6- top: 6V 10W, with resistor
9417.2 $6- bottom: 6V 5W

————-9 4 0 0—P A R T S——————-
04818  0$8 bulb housing for 9400, 9401, 9417
xxxxxxxxx   says 19314, small glass BL, no resistor

04818.1 $15 bulb housing 9400.1,9401.1,9417.1
xxxxxxxxx   says 19477, large glass BL, no resistor

04818.2 $22 bulb housing 9400.2,9401.2,9417.2
xxxxxxxxx    says 19314 behind resistor

Left CEV 04818, right 04818.1








18596 x0$1 9400 lens screw ST#6 x 1.5″ 38mm
18596.1 xxx original for when the post is normal

18596.1  $1 9400 long screw ST#6 x 1.7″ 44mm

18596.2  $1 9400 long screw ST#6 x 2.0″ 51mm
18596.1 xxx for when part of the post breaks off
18596.3  $2 9400 long screw #6-32 x 2.5″ 63mm
18596.3  $1 9400 long screw shortened to 60mm

18596.1 xxx for when all of the post breaks off

04816 x$28 red lens with clear bottom, original
04818 xxx x says CEV 210, with side reflectors
213452 $22 red lens with red sides, replica
000000 $15 red lens with orange sides, replica

04814   $70 tail lamp body for 9400, says 19317
04815   $70 tail lamp body for 9401, says 19318
04927   $65 tail lamp body for 9417, says 19845

19609 x0$8 fender mount rubber for 9400, 9401

9400 and 9401 are solid mount, M6 stud and a plastic post.
9417 is either solid or flexible mount, M6 stud and M6 bolt.

CEV 19609, for less-curved more-flat fenders









10628.2 $2.00 bulb 6V 5W small glass
10628.3 $2.00 bulb 6V 10W small glass
10629.2 $2.00 bulb 6V 15W large glass

19626 x0$6 resistor 3.9 Ω 10W, original is 4Ω
19626.1  $5 resistor 6.8 Ω 10W, for brighter BL

22222 x  N/A mount bolt for 9401 M6x40 all-thread

—- Solid Mount Parts, like on most mopeds

a  o31075 $0.50 hex nut M6
b  031845 $0.20 lock washer M6
c  031925 $0.20 plain washer M6
d  Cwedge $7.00 wedge with hole
e  025253 $0.50 hex bolt M6x20

—- Flexible Mount Parts, like on 1978-2011 Tomos

f  219869 $7.00 shoulder nut M6 11 hex
g  031926 $0.30 plain washer M8
h  219946 $5.00 vibration rubber 8 x 12
i  219866 $6.00 distance tube 6 x 9 x 5.5




2a. Replica CEV Tail Lights

222639-O1 CEV 9417 replica, orange sides N/A
1 bulb type, 12V 10/5W (uncommon in USA)
wires: black=ground, orange=brake, green=tail

222639  CEV 9417 replica with red sides $42
1 bulb type, 12V 10/5W (uncommon in USA)
wires: black=ground, orange=brake, green=tail
with a 6V 21/5W bulb #1154 price is $44









These lamps look exactly like the original CEV 9417 on the outside. But inside the bulb holder-mirror is different. It is a single bulb type that cannot be swapped for an original 2-bulb type. In the USA, in motorcycle parts stores, the single dual filament bulb has limited choices in volts and watts. There is just 12V 21/5W #1157 or 6V 21/5W #1154. 

Because of the bulb availability, this lamp with a 6V 21/5W #1154 bulb is a good substitute for 9417.1 or 9417.2, without any resistor. But it is not a good substitute for 9417 because 6V 10/5W or 12V 10/5W dual filament bulbs are unavailable in USA auto parts stores. 

The three male blade connecters have a tiny barb on top. The barb can be depressed with a tiny screwdriver. That allows the connectors to be removed. Then the original lens and/or bulb holder can be transferred onto it. But modification is required. More to follow…




222639-O2 CEV 9417 replica orange sides $39
2 bulb type, 12V 10W top, 12V 5W bottom
wires: green=ground, black=brake, blue=tail

This lamp also looks exactly like the original CEV 9417. Inside it has a 2 bulb holder-mirror. The bulbs can be 6 or 12 volt, and 5 or 10 watt. A 1970’s bike needs 6V, but a 1990’s or later needs 12 volt bulbs. 

This entire lamp is a good substitute for CEV 9417.

Many 1970’s US-model bikes had a “secret” ignition ground resistor hidden inside this light. It allowed the bike to run even when the brake light was missing or burned out. This new light cannot hold a resistor, but one can be added to the ignition ground wire above the engine. The resistor costs $5 or $6, listed above.