Other Controls

July 14, 2014


Tomos 1991-2007  1. H.R.

Italian Controls     2. Ci.Te.    3. OSL    4. P.V.    5. TS 

Taiwan Controls   6. General    7. Lazer 

Indian Controls     8. Avanti 

Spanish Controls  9. Derbi 

Generic Controls 10. Mini-bike



1. H.R. Controls

Below are the 1990’s Tomos controls, made by Hidria Rotomatika (HR). They contain HR-made integral switches, sold separately in Switches. HR controls are similar to ’80’s Domino black, but most of the parts do not interchange with Domino.

HR controls are on 1992 to early-2008 Tomos, specifically 1992-93 A35 Bullet, A35 Bullet TT, A35 Golden Bullet, A35 Golden Bullet TT, 1992-95 Colibri 1993 to early-08 Sprint, 1994-01 Targa, Targa LX, 1998-99 TT Classic, 2002-04 Tomos Tomos, Tomos LX, 2005 to early-08 ST, LX. They are also on Volocci electric mopeds.

   part#  price    description
026561 $0.70 wedge bolt M6 x 16 allen
027222 $2.00 pivot bolt
030040 $1.00 nut for pivot bolt M6-flange
222617 $4.00 cone that digs into handle bar, use 223713
223700 $60.0 R assembly brake/throttle no grip
223701 $45.0 L assembly brake no grip
223702 $30.0 L housing brake only
223703 $30.0 R housing brake/throttle
223704 $27.0 lever L HR 92-07 Tomos black, they say TOMOS molded-in
223704 $18.0 lever L HR 92-07 Tomos black, replica, says TOMOS
223705 $25.0 lever R HR 92-07 Tomos black, plastic levers with round bumps
223705  N/A.0 lever R HR 92-07 Tomos black, replica, with round bumps
223706 $20.0 throttle twist tube 92-08 Tomos
223707 $25.0 sliding block (not D1 or D1L)   there is a substitute/upgrade for this
223708 $1.00 screw that holds throttle twist tube
223708 $1.00 pinch bolt for sliding block
223709 $5.00 throttle helper spring 3-loop
223710  none  brake helper spring Left
223711 $14.0 L grip black vinyl octagon with raised dome bumps
223712 $16.0 R grip black vinyl octagon with raised dome bumps
223713 $4.00 cone that digs into handle bar
227169 $3.00 brake cable holdfast/socket bolt  longer than other kinds
227996  none  brake helper spring right     these break often but they still work good
229556 $5.00 adjuster slotted M6   there are also $2 ones not knurled not slotted
M5adj   $2.00 adjuster M5 for throttle & choke


2. Ci.Te. Controls

Ci.Te. is an Italian moped lever used on 1960’s and early 1970’s Italian mopeds. They are similar to 1970’s Domino levers. You can see that in the side-by-side comparisons below. Domino blades have the D9 special stepped tube 6mm ID, that snaps into the 8mm pivot hole, to spread out the load over a large area. Ci.Te. levers are more primitive in that the blades rub on the pivot bolt in just two places, and so the pivot bolt gets cut by the sharp edge of the folded sheet metal.  Domino levers also have assist springs, but Ci.Te. levers do not. Ci.Te. controls have no facility for mounting brake light switches. Ci.Te. lever blades do not have balls on the end. These last two things are required on USA mopeds. So therefore Ci.Te. levers are rare in the USA. Out of almost 1000 moped levers, new and used, mostly Magura and Domino, there was only one Ci.Te. lever blade. That is how rare they are in Southern California 1970’s -1990’s 20 moped shops leftover parts inventories plus 100’s of local mopeds turned into parts.

Ci.Te. levers on 1968 Lambretta Lambretino

Ci.Te. levers on 1968 Lambretta Lambretino

Ci.Te. Levers 1

Ci.Te. levers top view
Rt assy no lever $80

Ci.Te. Levers 2

Ci.Te. levers bottom

Ci.Te. and Domino left lever assys

Ci.Te. and Domino left 1






Ci.Te. and Domino left lever assy 2

Ci.Te. and Domino left 2
both use M6x1 adjusters

Ci.Te. and Domino left lever assy 3

Ci.Te. and Domino left 3
Left: Ci.Te.   N/A
Rt: DB1 no ball end  $45
($35 for ball end)

Ci.Te. and Domino chrome brake levers

Ci.Te. and Domino
chrome brake levers
Ci.Te. has 6mm hole
Domino has 8mm hole
6×8 rings would adapt

Ci.Te. right lever assy on 1970's Zanetti

Ci.Te. right lever assy
on 1965 Zanetti








3. OSL Controls

O.S.L. levers are heavy duty and high quality Italian controls, used on some mid to late 1980’s US model mopeds including Safari, Benvenuti, and Cosmo (Colt). They look like Domino, except for the kink in the middle of the lever. Myrons does not have any OSL controls or levers for sale. They were (almost) never on any mopeds sold in California. Out of a thousand moped levers at MM, this is the only OSL sample.

OSL left lever assy

OSL left lever assy

OSL left lever assy top side

OSL left lever assy top

OSL left lever assy bottom

OSL lever bottom

OSL left lever assy showing brake light switch plate inside lever

shows brake switch plate inside lever








4. P.V. Controls

P.V. is an Italian moped lever, used on Intramotor Gloria, Testi/Gitane, Califfo and other “early” Italian mopeds. None of the parts interchange with Domino. The lever blades are all black plastic, as are the throttle twist tubes. The housings are cast aluminum. The housings break easily when the bike falls over. Instead of a pivot bolt they have a press-in 6mm roll pin.

Here are all the PV levers, out of hundreds of Magura, hundreds of Domino, and dozens of Motobecane and Taiwan levers, from 20 old moped shops inventory.

P.V. LeversBrake lever ∅8 x  $25  8mm anchor pin
8 mm anchor pin   $4  same as Domino
Start lever ∅7 xx$40  7mm anchor pin
7 mm anchor pin   $8  special size
Left housing xxx  $45
Right housing xx  N/A
throttle tube xxxx  $7
sliding block xxxx N/A   = unknown






5. TS Controls

TS vintage Italian controls are uncommon. They appear to be Domino compatible.

TS throttle control










6. General Controls

1979-85 General (made in Taiwan by Jui Li) and it’s clones Grycner, Clinton, Jui Li and others use the same brake levers as 1977-83 Honda Express. The brake lever housings are integrated with the electrical switches, all in one unit.


7. Lazer Controls

1977 Lazer Sport 50

1977 Lazer Sport 50

1977 Lazer (made in Taiwan by Jui Li) uses the same brake levers as 1967-68 Honda CT90. The brake lever housings are separate from the electrical switch housing. The electrical buttons are near the riders thumbs. The brake levers are about 1.5 inch longer, because the lever housings (perches) are 1.5 inch further inward on the handlebar.

Lazer levers break easy, because they are only 6mm wide at the pivot. Most other vintage Japanese small motorcycle hand levers are 8mm wide at the pivot.


6mm thin type levers

Myron’s 6mm thin type levers
Top half (blue), 1970’s Honda CT90 type
Bottom (orange), ’77 Lazer originals

A $35 Honda left assy (brake)
N/A Honda left lever blade
C $25 Honda right assy (brake)
D N/A Honda right lever blade
E $05 Honda stepped pivot bolt
F $75 Lazer L assy (brake & start)
G N/A Lazer left brake lever
H N/A Lazer right brake lever
I $20 Lazer start lever (L type)
J $20 Lazer start lever (R type)
K N/A 68 CT90 left lever broken
N/A 68 CT90 right lever broken






Lazer left perch

Lazer left perch

Lazer right perch

Lazer right perch


The search for compatible “thin” vintage Asian levers is ongoing. The goal is to find replacement levers for early Hondas and compatibles, like the 1977 Lazer moped.







Thin and thick vintage Japanese motorcycle levers

Thin and thick vintage
Japanese levers

Vintage small Honda levers

Vintage small Honda levers, all 5.5 to 6.5mm at the pivot, but different leverage distances, pivot hole diameters, cable hole diameters, perch “stop step” shapes, blade lengths, ball end styles.









8. Avanti Controls

2000 Avanti Autopower controls

2000 Avanti Autopower

Avanti Autopower controls

2000 Avanti Autopower

2001 Avanti Autopower controls

2001 Avanti Autopower









2001 Avanti Autopower right control

2001 Avanti Autopower throttle









Avanti Mont controls

Avanti Mont left control, Tomos HR right?

2002 Avanti Supersport

2002 Supersport left

Avanti Supersport

Avanti Supersport right










Cosmo Stinger

Cosmo Stinger left

Cosmo Stinger

Cosmo Stinger left

Cosmo Stinger

Cosmo Stinger left









9. Derbi Controls

Derbi brake levers $21 each

Pre-1987 Derbi mopeds had their own brake levers, made by Derbi, and throttles and grips made by Ideale. From 1987-90 they had Domino Italian made controls.

Brake Levers

The brake lever mounts were welded to the handlebar. So there is no changing controls without changing handlebars or grinding off the original lever perches/housings. Changing handlebars is difficult because the original Derbi handlebars also do not interchange with the rest of the world, because they have special mounts welded onto them.

Pre-1980 had black plastic brake levers, and post-1980 had black metal ones. The aftermarket metal brake levers, made by Vmotoparts, replace both the 70’s plastic and the 80’s metal levers.


Decompression Lever

The original black plastic 1976-1986 Derbi Rabasa decomp levers are scarce or not available. However there is a pretty good substitute available. A late 1980’s Domino choke lever, like on the later 86-89 Derbi Variant Sport, can be modified to fit an earlier Derbi.

Derbi decomp levers top

Derbi decomp levers top:
1, Domino choke original
2. Substitute for Derbi    
3. Derbi decomp original

Derbi decomp levers bottom

Decomp levers bottom:
Domino choke mods –
widen pivot hole to 6mm
round off upper “corners”

Derbi substitute decomp lever

Substitute lever #2

Derbi substitute decomp lever pulled in

Substitute lever pulled in









The substitute Derbi decomp lever can be ordered for $12 plus $5 for the modification.

Compared to a universal small clamp-on lever, the benefits of the Domino choke modified lever are:

1. No need to modify the original cable. (With a BMX bicycle lever, the sleeve stop hole is wider. The cable must be cut to insert a wider stop piece. But then the inner wire must be replaced to get the length lost by cutting back, and then a small 5 x 8mm pinch bolt soldered on properly. More difficult.)

2. No need to grind off the welded-on mount. No interference with the lights/horn switch.

3. Goes in the original position, looks proper. The word “choke” wipes off with carb spray solvent.






10. Universal Controls

These are the universal throttles and levers:










3  26-0321 throttle, mini-bike 7/8″bar w/grips no lever $15
0  614630  throttle+cable, motorcycle, no brake lever
0  614631  throttle+cable, motorcycle, no brake lever
2  710001  throttle.assy, Domino mini-bike
1  710005  brake lever