Columbia Cables

Columbia Commuter mopeds and their alias names had two different frames, stamped sheet metal, or mono-tube, and two different engines, Sachs 505 or Solo 255. All Columbia models had front and rear hand brakes, with 1970’s Magura controls. The early 1977-78 sheet metal frame models with Sachs 505 engine, had single-ended (universal) brake cable wires, with Grimeca type pinch bolts on the lower end. But the tube frame models with Solo engine and the late 1979-on sheet frame models with Sachs engine had American made brakes that took special brake cable ends, shaped like an “S”. 

For Columbia cables, there are three model-categories:

a. Columbia sheet frame with Sachs 505
short throttle cable pipe (most 1976-77)
Italian brakes, CEV bullet headlight

b. Columbia sheet frame with Sachs 505
long throttle cable pipe (most 1978-80)
American brakes, square/round headlight










c. Columbia mono-tube frame with Solo 255
Bing carb on bottom, no cable pipe
American brakes, square/round headlight














abc     part#     price         description
100  746-0289r $10.0  36.0 x 42″    Ø1.5  front brake replica,      1-end:   6mm pear
100  746-0290  $18.0  62.0 x 68″    Ø1.7  rear brake original,      1-end:   6mm pear
100  746-0290r $13.0  62.0 x 68″    Ø1.5  rear brake replica,       1-end:   6mm pear

100  746-0291r $20.0  36.8 x 41.3″ Ø1.2  throttle (short) replica, 2-ends: 5×7 barrel, 3×5 inline
010  746-L291r $20.0  36.8 x 41.8″ Ø1.2  throttle (long)  replica, 2-ends: 5×7 barrel, 3×5 inline
110  746-0292r $20.0  37.4 x 39″    Ø1.2  choke cable replica,      2-ends: 5×7 barrel, 3×5 inline
11 746-0293r $25.0  34+3 x 41″   Ø1.5  start cable replica,       1-end:    xxxxxxxx, 4/6 barrel
011  746-0344  none    33.7 x 38.1″ Ø1.7  front brake original,     2-ends: 6mm pear, S-hook 
011  746-0344r $15.0  33.7 x 40″    Ø1.5  front brake substitute, 1-end:   6mm pear, special pinch bolt
011  746-0345  none    59.1 x 63.9″ Ø1.7  rear brake original,      2-ends: 6mm pear, S-hook 
011  746-0345r $15.0  59.1 x 65″    Ø1.5  rear brake substitute,   1-end:  6mm pear, special pinch bolt
001  746-0346r $12.0  42.0 x 50″    Ø1.5  start cable replica,       1-end:    xxxxxxxx 6mm pear
001  746-0347  $23.0  42.0 x 45.2″ Ø1.5  throttle cable original,  2-ends: 5×7 barrel, 3×5 inline
001  746-0348r $20.0  42.0 x 44.0″ Ø1.2  choke cable replica,     2-ends: 5×7 barrel, 3×5 inline




Columbia brake cable types

Left, American brake, original wire has an “S-end”
Right, Italian brake, wire has no end, held by pinch bolt

Columbia S-end brake with substitute cable

Columbia S-end brake with substitute cable









Solo engine Columbia: On Colombia with Solo engine, the throttle cable carburetor end passes through the a M6-0.75 thread adjuster on the top of the carburetor. So the adjuster is not part of the cable, unlike Puch, and like on the Colombia with Sachs engine.

Columbia-Solo throttle cable 746-0347

Columbia-Solo choke cable 746-0348






Columbia-Solo rear brake cable 746-0345

Columbia-Solo front brake cable 746-0344






Columbia-Solo rear brake substitute 746-0345s

Columbia-Solo front brake substitute 746-0344s








Sachs Carb Elbows L long, R short

Sachs-Bing carb elbows
left is long, right is short

Sachs engine Columbia: On Columbia with Sachs engine, the throttle cable carburetor end passes through a M6-0.75 thread adjuster on the Bing carb elbow, so the adjuster is not trapped on the cable, and is sold separately. The carb elbow, aka curved pipe, can be either short or long. So there are two different throttle cables, short or long. The difference is 1/2 inch of exposed inner wire. 

Columbia-Sachs throttle cable (for short elbow)


This exposed length of 4.5 inches is for a “short” elbow. Removed, the short elbow total length is 2 inch with the adjuster, or 1 1/2″ without, measured with a curved wire through the middle.

Columbia-Sachs throttle cable (for long elbow)


There are some Colombia’s with “long” carb elbows. They need this cable with a 0.5″ longer exposed length. The long elbow, removed, has a total length of 2 1/2″ with the adjuster, or 2″ without.


Columbia Sachs choke cable

Columbia Sachs choke cable


See Hercules Sachs choke cable for info.