Pacer                    made in Italy by Italtelai            Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine

1977 Pacer "Pacer" Morini MO-1 engine

1977 Pacer (P14)
Morini MO-1 engine

1978 Pacer Sport made by Italtelai Morini MO-2 engine

1978 Pacer Sport (P78)
Morini MO-1 or MO-2 eng
tubone frame by Italtelai

1977 pacer frame

1977 Pacer P14 frame
made by Italtelai

1980 Pacer Super Sport

1980 Super Sport (P80)
MO-1 eng (MO-2 optional)








Pacer small

PaItaltelai smallcer is not in the WoI Encyclopedia, but Italtelai is. Italtelai began in 1972, and means “Italian frames”. They made chassis for Arciero, BianchiPacer, Portofino, Snark, and other US export models. They all used Motori Morini Franco engines and Spisni Franzoni forks. 

Info Pacer

Info Pacer



The Pacer brand name and logo was created in 1976 by Portofino International Inc, PI, at 55 Lamar St, West Babylon, New York. Some of the early Italtelai’s were labeled as Portofino. By 1978, PI became Portofino Moped & Bicycle International Inc, PMBI, at 495 Smith St, Farmingdale New York. By 1980, PMBI sold the Pacer name and inventory to Aeon International Corporation, AIC, at 2165 Fifth Ave, Ronkonkoma, New York. By about 1982, AIC sold the Pacer name and parts to Marina Mobili Inc, MMI, at 146 W Commercial Ave, Moonachie New Jersey 07074. MMI imported and distributed Pacer mopeds and parts to USA moped shops until around 1990. All of this comes from the front covers of 3 owners manuals and 2 work shop manuals.

HuretPacer components: Morini engine: MO1 or MO2 (1976-78) or M1 (1979-1985), Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, Domino chrome levers/controls, Dansi magneto, CEV electrics, Grimeca hubs and 90mm brakes, Huret speedometer with LH driver.

There is a modern Pacer moped, made by Hero Majestic, in India, in the 2000’s. That is a “horse of a different color”.