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1980 Casal Mopeds (US models)

1980 Casal Mopeds (US models)

Casal      made in Portugal      Casal engine

Casal Record Mundo 50ccMetalurgia Casal started in 1953, in Aveiro, Portugal, making mostly agricultural engines. Business leader João Casal met representatives of Zündapp at a trade fair in Hanover in the early 60’s, and then started to build mopeds with Zündapp engines. From 1966-on he made his own engine, the Casal engine, which is a modified copy of the Zündapp, to be built in a many variants. In the 70’s Casal exported their products to UK, US, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and others. Car production was also planned, but not realised.

HuVo Casal record bike 50cc went 139mph

HuVo Casal record bike
50cc went 139mph

Casal had always done 50cc racing, with the Dutch company HuVo, but in 1980-81 they did some world record setting with Dutch riders. In 1980 Jan Nijhuys took the standing start 50cc  1/4 mile record with a Casal Sparta Plompen, 15.26 seconds. Then in 1981 Jan Huberts rode the HuVo Casal 50cc streamliner to an astounding 224kmh (139mph). Sadly, as the increased purchasing power in their home country Portugal, their most important market, slowed down the sales of mopeds, bankruptcy was a fact in February 2000. In connection with this, unfortunately, parts of the company’s archives were destroyed. Today it operates as a Suzuki representative in Portugal (adapted from Wikipedia).


Casal K177 Futurmatic

Casal K177 Futur Matic

1979 Casal K177

1979 Casal K177

Casal K177 red

Casal K177, M140 engine

Casal M140 Engine

Casal M140 1-spd auto
Bing Ø12 carb
Bosch 6V magneto









1969 Casal K196 same as Zundapp KS50

1979 Casal K196 (for US)
same as Zundapp KS50
with Casal M148 engine
2-speed manual grip shift

1978 K196 engine left Motoplat magneto

1978 M148 engine left
Motoplat magneto
similar to 70s Derbi

1978 K196 engine right

1978 M148 engine right
gear shift lever on top
clutch adjuster at center
oil check plug at bottom

Casal M147 2-speed

Casal M147 2-spd kick
(like M148 2-spd pedal)
Bing Ø17 carb
Motoplat 6V magneto










1978 Casal K196 restored by B. Small

1978 Casal K196 restored by B. Small

1978 Casal K196

1978 Casal K196







Casal K196 ID plate

Casal K196 ID plate










Links to Casal Manuals and Specs:

Casal Owners Manual

Casal K196 (US) Owners Manual back cover

Casal K177 (US) has Engine M140, 1-speed automatic
horizontal cylinder, 40.0×39.7 bore & stroke, 8.5:1 comp ratio
1.0, 1.5, 2.0hp versions, Bing Ø12 carb, Bosch magneto
16 x 2.25 tires, 68mm brake drums, wt. 98lb 
Casal K196 (US) has Engine M148, 2-spd grip shift, pedals
Casal K168 (US) also has M148, almost same as M147 kick, 
vertical cylinder, 40.0×39.7 bore & stroke, 8.5:1 comp ratio
2.5? hp, Bing Ø17 carb, Motoplat magneto 
K196: 17 x 2.75 tires, 120mm brakes, wt. 150lb, alum rims
K168: 14 x 2.75 tires, 120mm brake drums, wt. 135lb
Casal M140 Engine exploded view

Casal M140 1-speed automatic engine, from a Taiwanese Sprinter owners manual, compacted.


Casal components: (K177 model) Bing 12mm carburetor (bell type), Bosch 80mm magneto, Magura controls/levers, VDO speedometer, Merit switches?, ULO tail light, 68mm brake drums. This is a light duty model. Casal uses the same components as a German moped. Read why, in Casal’s introduction and history, above.

Casal components: (K168 and K196) Bing 17mm carburetor (bell type), Motoplat magneto, Magura controls/levers, VDO speedometer, Merit switches, 120mm brake drums. These are heavy duty models.

Casal Cylinders and Pistons: Casal pistons and cylinders are made in Germany by Mahle. Piston info is found in pistons and rings The “tall crown” Casal piston has the highest pin-to-top distance (23mm) of any of Myron’s 50cc moped pistons (Minnarelli and Sachs are next highest at 22mm). 

Casal Non-USA Models:

Casal K166 Boss (for UK) says "The Mens Model"

Casal K166 Boss (for UK)
says “The Mens Model”

Casal K168 Boss

Casal K168 Boss

1992 Casal K168 engine

1992 Casal K168 engine







Casal SS4 (UK model)

Casal SS4 (UK model)
4-spd “Sixteener Special”

Casal Ø40mm Cylinder

Casal Ø40 Cylinder


These cylinders are for other Casal models not covered here. They will be available for purchase from mopedland (link below) sometime soon.






Casal K188 Enduro

Casal K188 Enduro

Casal M112 engine

Casal M112 engine

Casal 48mm cylinder

Casal Ø48 Cylinder
has the same 48mm
bolt spacing as the Ø40


Note that Casal engines are Zundapp copies or compatibles.



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